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6 Tips to Hire the Best RoR Developer India for Your Next RoR Project


Ruby on Rails, or better known as simply Rails, is a popular framework for building web applications. The fact that it’s open source coupled with its wide array of benefits have contributed in making this framework so popular. You have made the correct decision to rely on this framework for your next web development project. The time-efficiency, simplicity, scalability, and cost-efficiency afforded by RoR framework will surely work in your favor.

To be able to develop your web application using RoR you need to first hire a qualified and experienced Ruby on Rails developer India, because you require expert help to tap into the vast potential of this framework. By hiring a developer from India, you can get high-quality development services at amazingly affordable prices and have the project completed within the set time frame.

If you are thinking about how to hire the best RoR developer India for your project, then do read the important tips below to decide right:

  • Test The Developer’s Command Over Ruby Language


RoR framework is written in Ruby, a high-level and object-oriented programming language. Any Ruby on Rails developer that you hire should naturally have proficiency in this language upon which the framework is built.

One of the significant features of Ruby language is that you can do more with less amount of code because the language offers abstraction for a lot of complex areas. A piece of code that would require about a 100 lines in a language like C++ or Java can be written using just a single line in Ruby. This demonstrates the power of Ruby and it also demonstrates why it’s important for your RoR developer to have complete command over the Ruby language. Only a developer who is thoroughly practiced in the language will know how to make the most out of the language’s unique features. They will be able to produce efficient code for your most complex custom application requirements.

  • Establish the Requirements for your RoR Project

Before you hire Ruby on Rails developer, you should know what exactly are you hiring them to do. This means establishing your RoR application requirements clearly. Once you are aware about the type of application you are looking to have built, you will know the kind of technical skills and the amount of industry experience the developer should ideally possess to fulfill those requirements. For example, if the requirements of your project are particularly challenging, then you would want someone who has a great deal of experience working with RoR to be able to handle the project challenges easily.

  • Check The Previous Projects They’ve Completed in RoR


Checking portfolio is a good way to get an idea about what the developer has been able to accomplish so far. Ask the developer to share some examples of the works that they have done in RoR. You should be looking for a Ruby on Rails developer India who has a wide-ranging portfolio comprising of simple as well as hard projects. Study the RoR web applications shared as examples closely to make a precise evaluation of the developer’s abilities. Ask any doubts or questions that come to your mind about the work done. Remember, you’re trying here to understand not only the results delivered by the developer but also the development approach followed by the developer.

  • Make Sure that the Developer Has Good Interpersonal Skills Too

The technical skills are certainly an important requisite in the developers, but an equally important requisite is the interpersonal skills. So when you hire ruby on rails developer, you should be looking for someone who is not only knowledgeable technically but also possesses the right interpersonal skills. This developer would be one of the key peoples involved in your project. You will be collaborating with them almost on a daily basis. So you want a person who is communicative, interactive, receives feedback with a positive attitude, patient, good at listening and solving problems, among other things. You can easily establish a great working relationship with a person who showcases such interpersonal skills.

  • Developer Should Know How to Develop and Deploy the Application


You want your RoR web application to be developed as well as deployed promptly. So your Ruby on Rails developer should have the expertise in application development and deployment both. The developer should be able to cater to your specific development as well as deployment requirements. Make sure that you discuss how you would want your application to be deployed in advance with the developer. For instance, if there is a specific platform on which you would like the application to be deployed, inform the developer about it in advance and confirm that they will be able to get that done.

  • Your RoR Developer Should be a Creative Thinker

Collaboration involves exchange of ideas too. So while you have ideas of your own regarding your RoR project, you want some unique perspective from your ROR developer India too on the project. Having worked extensively on the RoR framework, the developer is likely to have a more comprehensive view of the opportunities and possibilities that can be realized for your project from a technology viewpoint. Thus, you should be looking for a RoR developer who has the ability to think creatively and independently. They should be able to offer some fresh and original ideas to your project discussions. Having new ideas on the table for discussion contributes greatly in creating an innovative product. Creative thinking is definitely a desirable trait in RoR developers.


Ruby on Rails is an excellent framework for developing web applications. Hiring an expert RoR developer will allow your RoR project to be completed easily, conveniently, and successfully. A very important step here is to select the right developer for the job, someone who has the knowledge, experience, and determination to achieve the goals that you’ve defined for the project. The tips shared above will help you make the right selection, so keep them in mind when you’re hiring Ruby on rails developer India.

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