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Best Ways to choose the right technology STACK for Web Applications

There are so many platforms, tools,and stacks that can be used for the development purpose of web applications.Check Out Amazing major consideration that is done by the best website development company to come up with the best stack choice.

There are so many things that fall into place whenit comes to finding the best web developers for development. However, it depends mainly on the platform which is mainly stack added to it.

This has managed to increase the demand for PWA Development Company in the market. The technology is used by a number of companies to work upon the stack for the development process.

This is mainly due to the reason that it is free of cost and open-source when it comes to tools management.


What is stack technology?

Before starting, it is essential to know what stack technology actually is.The stack is the framework and tools through which software is developed as per the requirements. When it comes to the web application, then it has specific components that are used to make sure that web application has all the essential features.

These are divided up into client or front side and server or back end.

Choose the right Stack technology for web development

There are so many platforms, tools,and stacks that can be used for the development purpose of web applications. However, choosing which is the best as per the project is a daunting task that becomes a project itself.

There is no doubt that one has to put up some efforts in order to come up with the best development on the stacklevel. The main reason is that after the development phase, running and maintenance is checked through it only.

Here are the essential points that give a good idea on the ways to select stack for progressive web applications.

1. Project type and size

The complexity of a project is determined with the help of the size of a project. It gives a better insight on requirement and expectation to the developers making it easy to choose stack.

  • For small projects, Node.js-React or python-Django stack is used since it is mainly in MVPs format. One can think of it as a landing page such as WordPress that helps in getting simpler solutions for the website.
  • In the intermediate level, the complex level of the stack is used to develop enterprise or online stores application. The main reason is the involvement of different languages and several layers in the project. Hence, the main platform that can be used for it is MERN,MEAN,and LAMP stack that worked perfectly for them.
  • In the large projects, the overall project requirement will increase formaintenance, speed,andscalability. The main projects such as global marketplaces and social networks will require a different combination of languages, complex tools,andtechnologies. This will guarantee customer satisfaction and performance of the website. There are a number of technologies that are preferred by Progressive Web App Developer such as Python-Django, Angular-Nodes.js,and Ruby on Rails.

2. Scalability

Once, the application is successful with respect to business then it becomes essential for the best website development company to work on the scalability factor. There are mainly two ways to adapt such technology such as:

  • Horizontally or scale out – It will allow on to handle the request increased in the system.
  • Vertically or scale up –It will help in adding different software as per the addition of tasks.

This can be easily chosen in stack technology that makes them work on different potential. In addition to this, the PWA Development Company can also add to the factor while coming up with a preferred decision to avoid any error.

For instance, for the critical scalability in a web application, MEAN stack is used. This is due to the components Node.js and Angular that makes it possible as per the scalability.

3. Technology success

Another factor that is essential while working on progressive web applications is its success rate. There is no doubt that every project is unique in its own way due to different features and requirements.

Hence, the technologies are analyzed as per its success rate to understand different tools and work upon the major core factors. It will help in getting an insight intothe overall performance of a projectthat is worked upon.

4. Market time

This has a huge impact on the success rate of a project. The main components that hold a huge value in such case are third-party integration and reusable aspect.

There is no doubt that Stack allows easy integration of frameworks and toolsfor the development process.The impressive opportunities are offered by MEAN stacks due to their third-party code flexibility. In addition to this, the expertise of the Progressive Web App Developer also counts when it comes to market influence.

It is essential to know which tools the development team is familiar with to get an insight intothe best. The developers can work in a better way with tools and framework that they are familiar with in less time.

5. Development cost

There are several frameworks and tools that are free of cost due to their open-source nature. This allows unrestricted and free use of its tools and modifications as per the project requirement.

Hence, it opens up new potentialsfor maintenance and development mode. In addition to this, the cost depends widely on the technology Stack used for the project.

It will include salaries of the development team, extra charges, making a purchase for a few components, etc. Hence, many developers work upon Ruby and PHP that goes higher to lower in salary aspect respectively.


These are the major consideration that is done by the best website development company to come up with the best stack choice. The main motto of these considerations is to ensure that no major things are missed out in the project specifications.

In addition to this, it becomes easy to share expectations and ideas with the development team to gain the best results. The main thing to avoid in consideration is online research, previous projects, personal preferences, competitors experience, etc.

to get the best possible results.

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