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Outsourcing Software Developer for Startups: A Guide to Fail-safe Partnerships

imageWith the current statistics, global IT spending is estimated to peak at $2.3 trillion by 2020. Driven by artificial intelligence, the proliferation of IoT and blockchain, the market provides the opportunity for every budding tech entrepreneur as long as they have an innovative mind.

The good thing about this business is that you can outsource. Well, outsourcing product development is not new to startups. From GitHub to Skype, an array of companies have outsourced at some point to improve their market or boost their production.

Why outsourcing is so important for the successful development of startups

To help the company scale up fast- In today’s competitive world, finding a good programmer can be a very hard task.

This is especially true for startups. Instead of using huge amounts of money to employ starts ups can, therefore, outsource so as to scale up fast.

Outsourcing software developer from India Make an Inquiry about this news can allow you to scale down- Outsourcing can also allow the companies to scale down, cut costs and employee them back when they are needed.

Save money- Outsourcing can significantly help stat up to save money. Without sacrificing the quality of services provided, outsourcing can allow the startup to save money. However, you need to take the time to look at the best option.

Outsourcing makes your home team happy- By hiring workers through outsourcing companies can make their permanent employee happy.

You can recruit the best developers-When it comes too outsourcing, these startups can get some of the best developers in the world. This is very important for startups since every new employee should play a very important role in decision making.

Guide to fail safe partnership

Search for dedicated tech talent

Every startup's success is not only defined with its vitality of the main idea but also with how likeminded and well-knit the team is. Although a team with diversified skill set is important for the success of any companies, most startups often fail to bring this out. This is why at times, it’s very important for startups to outsource some of their services. When it comes to outsourcing software developer India, startups should consider turning to their external partners for balancing. If you are looking for highly qualified developers to add into your team make sure you do not compromise on the quality and don’t be afraid to delegate.

Know what you are looking for

Although outsourcing software development may be a known practice for startups, it can go wrong if they fail to get what they are looking for. Each idea that a startup has should always get the best match to make it succeed.

Structure the relationship to avoid employment

There are many differences between hiring an employee and hiring contractor. When outsourcing custom software developer as a startup, you need to ensure that the relationship falls entirely into an ideal contractor model. Although hiring a full-time developer may make sense you need to ensure that you avoid having the contract classified as an employee.

Make sure your startup owns the IP

Although an independent contractor comes with several benefits, one of its major drawbacks is the area of intellectual property. In order to ensure that the startup owns the executable files, source codes and all the other relevant IP, you need to clearly address the ownership according to your agreement.

Come up with a well-organized development process

If you have a structured software development project you are already halfway to into your anticipated results. It’s, therefore, important to prepare all the requirements for your team while defining the product roadmap and allowing your team members to have access to it. Through this, everyone in the team will know when any changes happen and work towards achieving the objectives. Further, you need to choose the best method of communication.

Prevent the software developer from creating a similar application

Even if you have secured ownership through intellectual property assignment, it’s still important to ensure that the developer does not remain with the license to create the same work for similar companies and or for other startups. Just like the provisions and testing above, ensure that the developer understands your agreement well. If he does not understand your agreement and uses the same application in another company, it could be too late to prevent damages done.

Make sure the software meets or exceeds the industry requirements

Although meeting your startup legal obligations should be the base line, it’s important to ensure that your application or product meets or exceed the companies’ standards. For instance, your customers will expect you to have data security features that meet or exceed their standards. You should, therefore, ensure that you outsource custom software developer Make an Inquiry about this news who is up to the task.


If your startup doesn’t have the expertise in a certain area, outsourcing is the best way to get a good outcome. As an IT company, outsourcing will give you access to the resources that you need for your success. It’s the best way to grow a business quickly and in the most affordable way. Once you find the right partner ensure that you hold unto them.

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