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How React Native is the best framework to select for the next App Development?

React JS is one of the most commonly used JavaScript libraries that promotes scalability, speed, and simplicity. It is not only used to build user-friendly interfaces but also helps in development of complex applications. At OnGraph, we have a pool of experienced programmers who could help you develop inventive and innovative web solutions using the latest version of 15.x or 16.x.

Is there anyone who can think about leaving a home without his/her smartphones? Mobile applications have empowered the people in every walk of life. These apps become an integral part of user's micro-moments. The spike in the usage of mobile apps resulted in the introduction of new frameworks, libraries, and modules that could allow developers to meet the growing requirements of the development.

Initially, native app development holds the monopoly, then hybrid apps came and shifted the whole system of mobile app development.

Though the innovation of hybrid app brought the revolutionary shift, there were bottlenecks such as webview rendering, performance-limitations, etc., stir up the need for a better solution to develop apps.

In between, Facebook came with React Native – a cross-platform application development framework. It brought a disruptive approach to develop native apps, i.e. react js development services Make an Inquiry about this news. The framework quickly took a surge in popularity and acceptance around the world. The framework overcomes the limitations of hybrid apps and provides better, faster and cheaper development of apps for the world's leading platforms including Android and iOS.

Let's know more about this amazing cross-platform mobile application development framework.

React Native: The framework becomes popular in a quick span of time due to component-based UI frameworks. Widely known as an extension to ReactJs, React Native supports the use of declarative programming language, reusable component, and Virtual DOM for developing an app's interface.

Striking Features of React Native:

Platform-Native UI: React Native is using web skills such as javascript, angular, reactjs, etc., and render platform-native UI while escaping the use of webviews. Thus, mobile applications become UI specific to devices and screens.

Cross Platform Development: The platform allows the use of a single codebase that can be used to bot platforms such as iOS and Android app development. Not only this, but developers can also share APIs like codebase logic.

Free and Open Source: It is an open-source platform; therefore it cost nothing to develop an application using the framework.

NativeScript VS React Native: ComparisonDevelopment Language: The platform easily supports to Javascript and React programming languages. Thus the development can be quick and easy for developers knowing javascript.

Development Speed: One of the most significant advantage of using the platform is that it allows reusable components that are pieces of UI. Additionally, Facebook has introduced Hot Reloading concept to React Native. With this feature available on the platform, the developer no longer require to recompile the whole application to see the changes at the time of update performed in a codebase. Both of the attributes of the platform allows faster app development process.

Performance: The use of javascript and virtual DOM in building UI in react native supports faster UI components update and keeps both the DOMs in sync.

Third Party Plugins: There is Facebook which empowers React Native. On the other hand, the framework has good support of developers' community; therefore a number of verified third-party plugins and APIs are available to use and integrate into app development.

The Verdict

On looking towards several factors like performance, community, development, speed, and scalability, React Native comes so handy for next app development. If you are planning to build a mobile app, you must connect with an experienced reactjs development company Make an Inquiry about this news today.

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