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Will Ruby on Rails still be a popular choice in 2019?

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Ruby on Rails is one such highly popular framework in the world of programming. It is almost 15 years old and still seen no sign of getting slow. There are many use-cases in application development projects where RoR proved itself a better fit than any other tool.

Let's look at the factors playing a role like a beam in supporting the continued growth of RoR.

First Things First

Ruby on Rails is written in Ruby, a dynamic and general-purpose programming language. Many entrepreneurs and non-developers often confuse the two, thinking Rails when hearing Ruby but rarely the other way around.

It may be brought on by the fact that the majority of ruby on rails app development companies use the ROR framework for development. And Ruby is the programming language which that gained momentum following the launch of Ruby on Rails.

There are other frameworks based on Ruby, but those have not gained popularity as RoR has gained. RoR has achieved massive acceptance among developers, and resulting have acquired significant contribution as a community.

RoR Revolutionized Web Developers World

When RoR came into the picture in 2005, it entered with a fresh approach to build web apps. One of the most interesting thing that Rails brought along was the convention-over-configuration software design paradigm. It enables programmers to work on several levels such as by reducing the need to write boilerplate code.

Later, the framework introduced MVC pattern along with excellent development practices, including DRY principle.

The emergence of Rails way of web development unshackled devs from the tedious parts of coding, clearing them up to focus on the business features and logic of the app. Later it aids developers to be productive and enable developers to provide MVPs and startup apps much faster.

How The Platform has sustained itself even among Python and PHP

While Rail's popularity might have dropped off over the years, the framework is still used by almost a million websites globally, including by a number of major players such as:

1. Airbnb
2. Dribbble
3. GitHub
4. Couchsurfing
5. Basecamp
6. Hulu

Community: RoR V/s Python V/s PHP Though Python and PHP is used more widely than Ruby, two of their most popular frameworks, Laravel, and Django, respectively, have significantly fewer contributors than Rails.

A higher number of contributors means gems (libraries) are of very good quality, and as the saying goes, there’s a gem for everything in Rails. Rails are often praised for the effort of its community to create reusable libraries that encapsulate solutions to standard problems.

GitHub contributors to Ruby frameworks:

Rails: 3,753
Padrino: 204
Hanami: 140
Sinatra: 363

GitHub contributors to Django (Python) and Laravel (PHP):

Django: 1,698
Laravel: 488

Why You Should Invest Into RoR in 2019 For Project Development?

With coding by convention, building applications in RoR are fast and easy—an excellent choice if you’re dealing with low budget and under tight deadlines.

Ruby on Rails is mature and offers the stability that directly translates into successful, hassle-free maintenance for years. Hire ruby on rails application developer who know how to tap the magic of Rails and use the saved time to focus on business features and application logic.

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