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Top Technical Advantages of Laravel that makes it the best PHP framework

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Did you know PHP used by 79% of the whole internet?

There are companies continually investing in PHP frameworks and performing Laravel Application Development. Some have also rated Laravel is the best PHP framework in the year gone by, i.e.


Let's find in the following blog the top technical advantages which make Laravel stand strong among all.

1. Authorization Technique: The PHP based framework enables implementation of authentication techniques quite easy.

It is possible to configure everything perfectly in the framework since organized tools back it.

2. Object-Oriented LibrariesThe framework holds Object-Oriented Libraries, and other standards are already pre-installed, that is not available in any other PHP frameworks.

3. MVC SupportWhen you hire laravel consultant , the developer helps you make most out of the framework. Clarity between logic and presentation is significant in app development.

Laravel completely support it through providing MVC architecture. Right from performance, better documentation and serving multiple built-in functionalities, Laravel with MVC architecture make a distinction for itself.

4. Artisan
Laravel comes with built-in tools and among one is Artisan. The tool enables developers to perform easily all those repetitive and tedious work which earlier required to perform manually.

5. SecurityThe framework focuses on security essentially. And to do this, it uses the hashed password that doesn't allow a database to save password as plain text.

Prepared SQL statements are used in this PHP platform which makes injection attacks unimaginable.

6. Database Migration Database Migration in Laravel system is a simple procedure. For whatever length of time that you keep the majority of the database work in migrations and seeds, you can undoubtedly move the progressions into some other development machine you have.

7) Great Tutorials (Laracasts): Offshore laravel programmers dependably need to adopt more to convey more. Laravel offers Laracasts highlights which are a blend of free and paid video instructional exercises that tell you the best way to utilize Laravel for advance development.

Jeffery Way, a specialist educator altogether make the recordings. The video quality is high, and the exercises are well-considered and significant.

8) Blade Templating Engine: The Blade templating engine of this PHP framework is exceptionally instinctive and works with the typical PHP/HTML spaghetti so flawless, that is it a standout amongst the best attributes of the Laravel.

9) Responsable Interface Responsable Interface is a recently included component in the Laravel with the arrival of Laravel 5.5. It is characterized as a class which is utilized to implement the interface which can be returned by utilizing the controller method.

10) Automatic Package Discovery Laravel 5.5 has another element called Automatic Package Discovery which identifies the package automatically which clients need to introduce. Which implies that now clients don't need to set up any aliases or providers from putting in a new package in Laravel.

Laravel 5.5 additionally enables programmers to debilitate this element for specific packages.


The advanced feature with which Laravel and updated versions are available make the framework one of the best PHP framework. Laravel was the top choice of PHP framework in 2018 all due to the rising and incredible features.

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