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Top Node.js frameworks in 2019

Top Node.js frameworks in 2019

Top Node JS development frameworks. The node.js framework can be characterized as a cross-stage and open-source runtime condition that is based on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Fundamentally, it is utilized to create server-side web applications that are adaptable just as quick.

Top Node.js Frameworks for Developers in 2019


Express is a well known, quick, negligible and adaptable Model-View-Controller (MVC) Node.js framework that offers an amazing accumulation of highlights for web and portable application development. It is pretty much the true API for composing web applications over Node.js. It's a lot of steering libraries that give a meagre layer of crucial web application includes that add to the dazzling existing Node.js highlights.

Pros of Express.js

  • Quick application development

  • I/O demand taking care of

  • Open-source Community

  • Simple to learn

  • Straightforward coordination of outsider administrations

Cons of Express.js

  • Occasion driven Callbacks

  • Code Organization

  • Logic of modules


Meteor.js, an ultra-straightforward full stack Node.js framework for structure present-day web and versatile applications.

It is good with the web, iOS, Android, or work area.

It incorporates key accumulations of advancements for structure associated customer responsive applications, a manufacturing device, and a curated set of bundles from the Node.js and general JavaScript people group.

Pros of Meteor JS

  • Debugging

  • Consistent Client-Server Communication

  • Set of Packages and Libraries

  • Constant Testing Tool

Cons of Meteor JS

  • Absence of MongoDB Support

  • No Rendering on the Server Side

  • Absence of Native Widget Library

  • No Inbuilt Support for PWA


The koa.js framework is a node.js web framework that is basically structured by the group of Express framework. The fundamental goal for Koa was to fabricate a framework that is little in size, profoundly expressive and goes about as a strong establishment for the development reasons for Web applications and APIs.

Pros of Koa.js

  • Very lightweight

  • Backing for Sync/anticipate catchphrases

  • Risen above Generators Functions

  • Code is considerably more reasonable

Cons of Koa.js

  • A very small community for support

  • Not good with express-style middleware

  • Not compatible with Node.js framework middleware


To develop custom web applications, developers are using Sails.js with Node.js. You can grow rapid and versatile applications as it utilizes information-driven API that is retain a lot of administration situated engineering.

In a straightforward term, Sails.js is furnished with ORM which makes the framework good with all database. It bolsters numerous connectors and a portion of the official connectors incorporate MYSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and significantly more.

Pros of Sails.js

  • Free Generation of JSON API

  • Isolates Business Logic from User Interface

  • support

  • Rest API building process is fast

  • Store data anywhere

Cons of Sails.js

  • Slow Framework

  • Time-Consuming development process

  • Poor management


LoopBack is an exceedingly extensible Node.js framework that empowers you to make a dynamic start to finish REST APIs with practically no coding. It is intended to empower developers to effortlessly set up models and make REST APIs in merely minutes.

It helps in simple verification and approval set up. It likewise accompanies model connection support, different backend information stores, Ad-hoc questions and extra segments (outsider login and capacity administration)

Pros of LookBack.js

  • Full-stack Development

  • Fast Development

  • Code is measured and organized

  • Worked in models and highlights

Cons of LookBack.js

  • Solid Architecture

  • Soak Learning Curve

  • Obstinate Architecture


The season of fast changes in the development process of web applications. Consistently the applications that are created are winding up further developed. Every single framework on this rundown have various highlights and are reasonable for various sort of uses. Node.js is impacting the development of cutting edge applications and this rundown gives you the exhaustive rundown of the most mainstream frameworks that are utilized by developers Make an Inquiry about this news.

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