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7 best tools to Develop Android Apps in 2019

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Today, mobile apps have become a crucial part of every business. Mobile apps not just improves your business up to a great extent but also provides opportunities to the customers to explore the products and devices of their choice without the hassle of visiting the stores or taking long calls with customer service agents. To develop successful Android applications, here are seven best tools that developers need to use.

Android Studio

Android Studio is an officially-integrated development environment for Android OS.

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It plays multiple roles in mobile app development such as it acts as a compiler to create a file system and numerous APK files. It can work as an XML editor and includes Android SDK. 


A memory leak is a programming error. Leakcanary is a tool used to detect memory leaks. It identifies the object that is no longer required and prevents it from being collected. The best part of using this tool is that it is a full stack trace that fixes the memory leak errors right away!


Genymotion is an Android emulator that help developers to test their products in a safe and virtual environment. It is a complete platform that empowers developers to develop an app, test it and deploy it. 

Visual Studio with Xamarin

Visual Studio supports a comprehensive set of languages such as, C#, and JavaScript via extensions. It also supports Xamarin that enables developers o design cross-platform apps using C#. It can test different devices that are connected to the cloud.

Unreal Engine

Unreal engine is an open-source, cross-platform feature-packed game app that allows you to develop gaming apps that support Android, gives the advantage of using “Rival” unity. The unreal engine uses a pure c++ engine that is specifically designed for delivering high performance. Its advanced and flexible renderer enable developers to get VR experiences efficiently. 


The fabric is an Android app development tool that allows developers to build better apps that can be used to grow your business. It helps to design powerful yet lightweight apps with reporting feature to fix the bugs right away. It also streamlines and automates the beta distribution smartly. 


Takt is a library that enables you o check the apps thoroughly for bugs and errors during the initial development phases of the application. 

The Bottom Line

Each developer’s toolbox depends solely on the choice of tools they prefer, and their preference of features they want to include and the goals they want to achieve. To develop the best Android application development, hire app development companies that not just offer you low-budget app development but also focus on delivering feature-packed apps. Make sure you convey all the necessary details and your business requirements to avoid any hassles and confusions. Developers know how to fulfill clients’ requirements quickly without any trouble.

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