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React is taking over the front-end development. find out how?

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React is a hype these days especially when it comes to technology. It is considered among the top technologies due to several benefits it provides to the developers. It does not just save developers time while the app development process but also app more efficient and agile. The applications build using React, loads faster and run smoother. 

This progressive technology saves a lot of time, money, and resources significantly. It provides a perfect blend of traditional and modern methods of mobile app development.

In fact, the technology is so reliable that it has been used to build world-famous apps like Instagram, Airbnb, Skype, Tesla, UberEats, and Walmart. 


Here are a few reasons why developers prefer using React:

  • It is easier to work with a virtual browser as react offers a virtual browser of its own that acts as an agent between the developer and the real browser.
  • It becomes easier to define User Interfaces with React
  • Extremely easy to use. You need to be a JavaScript expert. Yes, That’s it!

Apart from this, React is now taking over the Front-end development too.

Front-end is also referred to as a client-side server. It includes the design of the app and some languages like HTML and CSS. front-end development is considered to be challenging as developers have to get into the clients’ shoes to give desired results.  

So, let’s find out how React JS Development Services make use of the technology to develop front-end development of mobile apps easily and conveniently. 

How React is Best for Front-end Mobile App Development?

React consists of three major design concepts that not just drive its popularity but also allow developers to effectively develop mobile applications the way they want. 

  1. Reusable, Stateful, and Composable Components

React uses components to describe user interfaces. Components are similar to functions that are used to give some kind of output. Similar to functions, components can also be reused to compose bigger functions from smaller ones. The only difference is their inputs are described as “state” and “properties” and output is a description of User Interface. 

The best part of using components is that they can be used in multiple User Interfaces. Unlike pure functions, React components can also be used as a private state to secure data that may change over time. 

  1. The Reactive Updates

Reactive updates are useful as they make the user interface more advanced and up-to-date. When the state (input) of a component changes it automatically reflects in the user interface (output). However, it is important that this change also reflects in the description of the user interface of the device you’re working with. 

Unlike the browser, where you need to regenerate the HTML views in DOM, with React you do not have to worry about how the changes will reflect. As the name of the technology “React”, it will react to the state changes and update the DOM whenever needed. 

  1. The Virtual Representation of “Views”

As we all know that React uses JavaScript to write HTML codes, but it requires some sort of data to write HTML. What other frameworks do to enhance the virtual representation of “views”, they try to enhance the HTML rather than enhancing the data used to write HTML. Angular is one such technology that focuses on enhancing HTML with features like loops, conditions, and others. 

Though it’s beneficial for the framework to either enhance the HTML or the data to make the maximum use of the Javascript, both the ways have some advantages and disadvantages as well. 

React focuses on enhancing Javascript to render HTML to keep the virtual representation of HTML in memory (DOM). therefore, you need not to write codes again and again as whenever the state changes it only needs to write the difference between the previous and the new tree. The entire process is known as Tree Reconciliation.

Advantages of Using React to Developers Boosts Employee Productivity 

Usually, developers have to deal with complex logic while developing applications as one component can affect others. However, React is different when compared to others and much easier to use. In Fact, React is used by several Big Elephants of the industry because of its ability to reuse components without affecting others. This not just saves a lot of developers time but also allows them to be more productive. 

Guarantees Stable Code

Stable code is the specialty of React. React makes sure that even small changes that take place in the child’s structure do not affect the parent’s structure. React uses downward data flow which means developers just need to modify the its state rest will be handled by the technology itself. Moreover, data binding defines stability and continuous app performance. 


React has some other advantage also, for example, it has the ability to deal with common search engine failures and can easily read JavaScript-heavy apps. It can easily run on the server, render, and return the DOM to the browser. 

Have you Started Using React?

If you haven’t started using React, it’s high time to make it you handy tool for developing applications and for designing their front-end. The technology is not just advanced but also enhances developers’ productivity in a positive manner. If you do not want to hire or built an in-house team, you can easily hire React JS Development Services to get going.

So what are you waiting for, start implementing React and share your experiences!

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