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Laravel Is Considered As An Easy Framework, A List Of Famous Websites Still Blow Your Mind With Its Simplicity And Beauty

Lavarel is considered one of the easiest frameworks of PHP. It is amazingly simple and beautiful too. Several websites developed by this framework are living proof of how creatively this framework has been used by various companies to get an audience and manage an online presence.


In this article, there will be websites that are developed by custom web development companies using the Lavarel web development framework.

Below Are All The Websites That Have Been Developed With Lavarel

  1. Fox47
  2. Yulair
  3. Startups
  4. Laracasts
  5. Camping World
  6. Toyota Hall Of Fame
  7. Bonappetour
  8. Explore Georgia


This is a news website and it has a very simple and clean interface. Navigating through this website is very easy and the design will appeal to the customers as soon as they see the page load.

One of the best things is the load time of the website, it loads very fast. This is something that Lavarel allows the website developers to do. This framework uses minimum codes to develop a website that can function great and looks simple yet attractive.

This website is a great online space for news related to most of the things happening in the world, for sports, weather. This website caters to the audience specifically in the Wisconsin Capital Region of the USA.

Custom web development companies can follow the approach used to develop this website.


This is a Canada-based website that helps the native people of Canada to search for the best airline. The search results consist of all the airfare to and from Canada. It has been created by a team of experts who show the cheapest flights and post them on this Laravel-based website.

It has an amazing interface and smooth navigation for the ease of access of users. The website consists of various filters such as calendar, number of travelers, price organization, and many more. Websites like these make web development companies hire Lavarel developers more than other developers.


This is a startup website. They help young entrepreneurs to find their customers, to find investors who can fun their startups and mentors who can teach them the small nuances of the business.

There are not many websites like these, this is people in the USA and many other parts of the world. The interface of the website, the experience that the visitors get. It is something that allows new entrepreneurs to explore the website and get satisfied that they are the right people and can help them.

The websites respond fast and all the features and sub-pages are in relevance to the main goal. This is one of the reasons why many such websites want to hire Lavarel developers to make their websites better. They keep a record of more than 1 million startups and they help more than 16+ millions of users who are registered with them.


They call them Netflix of career enhancement websites, this is something that attracts. This custom web development company has so many video lectures for so learning so many skills and concepts. They have a great library and that is the reason why they call themselves Netflix of career enhancement websites.

They have a very simple website with all the functions easily accessible. There are many features that will help professionals as well as students to enhance their skills and get to better positions.

This website has been developed with Laravel in a way that it responds in the least possible time and allows users to access all the features of the website easily.

Camping World

No, the camping world is not for camping destinations or bookings for staying in camps. This is a website created by Laravel web development company to sell or buy parts of RVs (Recreational Vehicles) and also for the things that a person needs for camping.

People can also sell or buy their RVs on this website. This type of website needs a structure that helps them work swiftly without any lags.

This is an eCommerce website and it involves components that allow users to transaction online. This website is light, it is attractive, the features respond very well.

Users who are there even for the first time, they can also do all the buying in selling and selling in just a few minutes. The interface is user friendly and the experience that users get is excellent.

Toyota Hall Of Fame

Yes, this is the official Toyota hall of fame website and it has also been developed with Lavarel development company. This is a fantasy football website for the fantasy sports players in the USA and Canada.

This website allows users to play fantasy sports leagues. These types of websites have to balance the load that they face during the games and before that.

These websites have to be fast and they are dynamic in nature and have to keep updating the live scores and the points users get according to it. These things can be managed very well by using Lavarel for the development of such a website.


As the name suggests, this website is related to food and cooking. This is a community marketplace that helps in connecting travelers with local home chefs and services provided by them. These chefs provide a unique dining experience all around the world. This website is also developed by a Lavarel web development company.

Explore Georgia

Okay, this is exactly what the title says. This is a Laravel development website for the people who want to go to Georgia. There are many websites that deal with tourism destinations, places to visit but this one is unique in its own way. They have made their website in a cinematic way.

This website has been beautifully designed and developed with the Lavarel framework of PHP. The developers have made it fast and also strong enough to handle as much traffic as possible. There are media files and they might have made it a bit slow but because of the architecture, the website is pretty quick and responsive.


All the websites mentioned above have a great interface and they give a great experience to the users. These websites are responsive, they are light and they provide the website owners with the kind of traffic that they expect.

These websites have the capability to attract users and keep them hooked on because of their features. Lavarel development company has made it easy to develop the websites that make use of less code, are fast, and perform at their best. These websites are simple in nature and great in terms of functionality.

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