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Node.js vs PHP: Which is the Best Server-Side Environment?

Node.js vs PHP: Which is the Best Server-Side Environment?

Comparing the role of two behemoth frameworks used by web development companies all over the world is no small feat. , you should hire a PHP development company if your project involves content management systems, servers like MySQL, and solution stacks involving Linux or Apache.

Comparing the role of two behemoth frameworks used by web development companies all over the world is no small feat. It’s almost impossible to choose a clear winner between these two excellent platforms. However, a critical assessment revealed that they are both geared towards different web development projects. First, learn the advantages of both frameworks and then you’ll see how to choose which is best depending on your needs.

Why Should You Choose Node.js? 1. The Server-Side Solution is Fast

Node.js makes use of the JavaScript event loop in order to make non-blocking input / output applications. These applications can service more than one event concurrently without stress. It’s also possible to create server-side solutions that are scalable with the in-built asynchronous processing in JavaScript. This server-side solution maximizes the CPU memory while providing the same level of service to requests concurrently. The performance has been shown to exceed that of traditional multithreaded servers.

In essence, Node.js is proven to be ideal for asynchronous, data-driven applications with heavy input / output workflows. If you’re hiring a Node js development company for real-time applications or single-page applications, you’ll be sure that you’ll get top-notch performance.

2. You Use the Same Language Across the Stack

Node.js is used for server-side solutions and is written in JavaScript. Some of the most popular frameworks for client-side development also make use of JavaScript: Ember, React, and Angular, to mention a few. The implication when you hire a web development company is that you enjoy all the benefits of using a scripting language across the board.

You might ask, “Why should I hire a Node.js development company just because Node.js is written in JavaScript?” Well, the reason why developers like it when the front-end and the back-end section of a website are written in the same framework is that it facilitates excellent maintainability. Even though their application differs, the web development company you hire will most definitely work with the same JavaScript data structures, the same functions, and the same language conventions.

With this, you’llbe sure that bugs will be fixed faster, applications will be deployed in record time, and the coordination will generally be improved.

3. Great Support and Performance Gain

We have earlier mentioned that Node.js is built on JavaScript. What we should specifically mention is that it is built on V8, Google JavaScript interpreter. With the level of development and advancement that the Google engineering team dedicate towards their project, you can be sure that Node.js is constantly enjoying unparalleled support from tech giants, all for free.

Another reason to hire a Node.js development company is that it’s supported on several new APIs. It’s become the default environment for running tools related to JavaScript so it automatically gets consideration for these services. Also, remember that it’s natively supported by Amazon Web Service: Lambda.

We should also mention that Node.js is easy to learn, and this is one reason why a web development company should adopt it. The similarity it shares with JavaScript is a huge source of motivation. It’s also very easy to work with large files while following its very lenient rules and dependencies.

Why Should You Hire a PHP Development Company? 1. The Code Base of PHP is Rich

PHP supports already established platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. These platforms support a very large percentage of websites that we have online today. Web development frameworks like Laravel and Symfony are also included in the PHP code base and these frameworks facilitate the rapid development of website applications.

The copious open-source solutions available in PHP, coupled with the plethora of active developers in the community make PHP ideal for website development.

2. The Solution is Compact and Reusable

You can hire a PHP development company to write the code once and you can run it on virtually any server you want to. It’s supported by Nginx, Apache, Windows, Linux, etc. This portability associated with the solution makes it a developer favorite.

In addition to the fact that your code can be run on most servers, there’s a wide range of hosting solutions available for PHP. Unlike Node.js, which requires a virtual server with SSH access, there are lots of shared hosting options for PHP. If you’re a small company looking to develop applications without necessarily going into the details of Secure Shells, Linux servers, and other associated console commands, then your best bet is to hire a PHP development company.

3. PHP Was Developed for Websites

This is not to say that other frameworks cannot be used for websites, however, PHP itself was categorically optimized for website purposes. You must’ve noticed that it has built-in functionalities to manage HTML servers and databases. Knowing fully well that the browser pages can be rendered and generated via the server-side framework, you can totally eliminate the need for JavaScript using PHP server-side solutions.

Another advantage of this is that you avoid overload on the client side. If you’ll be developing a web application that relies extensively on interaction with the client side, this is an option you should consider. However, if you require heavy server-side rendering and extensive client-side functionality, Node.js would suffice.

How to Hire the Right Web Development Company - Node.js or PHP?

We have succeeded in giving you the lengthy advantages of both solutions. Here’s a summary:

  1. Node.js has built-in support for the server-side
  2. Node.js uses a single language, improving maintainability
  3. It’s easy to learn
  4. The dependencies aren’t as strict
  5. It handles heavy client-side requests
  6. It has a fast V8 engine
  7. It has callback functions which can process several requests concurrently

Similarly, here’s a summary of PHP

  1. PHP code is more concise
  2. It works perfectly with MySQL database and also supports MariaDB and Postgresql
  3. It’s supported by a wide range of hosting services
  4. It’s more web-oriented
  5. The code base is more powerful
  6. It’s a portable server-side solution


In summary, you should hire a PHP development company if your project involves content management systems, servers like MySQL, and solution stacks involving Linux or Apache. On the other hand, if you’re streaming data, going for real-time development, or need something with built-in expansion capabilities, you’re better off hiring a Node.js development company. 

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