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PHP 7.3.0 released, new features bring promise


With the release of PHP 7.3.0, the famous scripting language continues staying relevant and responding to the changing needs of the ecommerce-driven world.

The PHP team has released PHP 7.3.0 for general availability (GA) on December 6, 2018. This is the latest version of the 23-year old server side scripting language that has increased in popularity over time.

The early reports that are coming in indicate the PHP 7.3.0 is performing powerfully and speedily. 

PHP 7. 3. 0 comes with

  • Flexible Heredoc and Nowdoc syntax
  • support for references and array deconstruction with list()
  • list() reference assignment
  • PCRE2 support, hrtime() function
  • Trailing Commas in function calls
  • JSON_THROW_ON_ERROR flag for json_encode() and json_decode()
  • An is_countable() function

Developers and website designers will quickly appreciate the finer changes, like trailing commas (aka final commas).

They are especially useful when you append new values frequently.In customized platforms, you’d want to keep on updating your site and sometimes if a developer misses even a small element, the page could malfunction.

A total of five PHP releases were effective on December 6, apart from PHP 7.3.0. Of these, PHP 5.6.39 and PHP 7.0.33 are security releases.

This means they’d be the last releases in their respective branches, unless an unforeseen security glitch surfaces.  Says Kaartik Iyer, founder CEO, Infigic Technologies, a leading PHP development company offering PHP development services.

You may download the PHP 7.3.0 from official PHP downloads page. If you’re interested in the fine-print, you’ll get it from PHP Changelog.

It is believed the migration guide will be available soon.

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