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Drupal Version 7.37 Launched With Bug Fixes Features

Drupal 7.37 has been launched with a lot of bug fixes and API (Application Programming Interface) features. You can download this latest version to upgrade your existing Drupal website and add advanced functionality into it.

DRUPAL.ORG has released Drupal 7.37 on 07 May 2015 to fix all the bugs available in your Drupal website. This advanced version of Drupal is a maintenance release that features bug fixes and improvements in small API. Drupal version 7.37 does not include security fixes along with new non-backwards compatible features. The files like .htaccess, web.config, robots.txt and default settings.php remain unchanged in this version indicating that there is no need to upgrade custom versions of these defined files.

Upgrade your Drupal powered web pages to this advanced release and make improvements in the website. The major changes that have been included in Drupal version 7.37 have been summarized below:-

  • URL extension i.e. “node/1.json” does not work in this version.
  • Fixed a regression which disabled the content types if no-longer-enabled module was used to define them.
  • Unused ‘has_body’ attribute has been included in poll_node_info().
  • Missing file definitions have been fixed in hook_theme().
  • Leftover code in testFileValidateSize() has been removed in Drupal 7.37.
  • Custom HTML tags have been allowed with a dash.
  • Drupal 7.37 has allowed the implementation of hook_field_schema().
  • Non-scalar ID or a string is not allowed to load an entity. It is an invalid text representation in this release.
  • Session hijacking test cases have been added for SA-CORE-2014-006.
  • Unnecessary queries are run by translation_remove_from_set() to update and fetch all nodes.

Download this latest version i.e. Drupal 7.37 and make your existing website up to date by improving its features, functionality and fixing all the existing bugs. This will help make your Drupal website fully-fledged with high performance.

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