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Does Android Application development worth your time and money?

Android is a complex platform with diverse screen sizes and different versions. OnGraph's Android app developers take care of them with their own set of skills, innovation and expertise. Hire best android application developers and get the desired outcomes.

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Mobile applications have put convenience in our hands. Today's life roll around swipes and tabs of mobile applications. Since the competition has just surpassed due to the availability of a number of applications; thus the success of your app not just remained on its innovation and better user experience, but also to the mobile strategy to will focus on.

Here the question landed at the first place that which app development technology should be picked as a mobile app strategy? Before you consider any other platform, just go through the key reasons why you must connect with an experienced Android app development company us for your next project.

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1) Increasing market share

Did you know Android devices is on the rise in the continents like Europe and US – iOS dominated places? Earlier iPhone users considered loyal to the brand, of course, the features, innovation, and advantages Apple brought to its users. Due to the increasing number of Android device producers in the market which are bringing devices with the world's most advanced features, UI & UX and functionality in the cost less than 80% of iOS devices making the Android smartphones highly adaptable to the new markets.

2) Search/lookup capability

Google Play offers several support and flexibility to the apps listed in the Play Store. Marketers are provided with tools to find the right keyword for their app and optimize their app accordingly to get visible easily and additional opportunities to reach perspective users.

3) Portability

Native android apps are easy to port to other mobile operating systems. Java is compatible with other OS such as Symbian, Blackberry and Ubuntu even to Chrome OS that makes it handy for developers. Microsoft, additionally, has announced to provide simple methods to port Android apps to Windows 10 devices.

4) Low Acquisition Cost

Developing an app is not just enough. A promotion and marketing also required by an app to get the users and achieve the business success that is dreamed of. Here Google Play help marketers acquire new users easily and provide a significant increase in percentage of advertising inventory.

5) Java

It requires java programming language to write an Android app. Java is widely popular and adopted by developers due to the reasons like it run on a Virtual Machine (VM). Therefore, a developer no longer needs to recompile the code for different phones. Java is a well established programming language with most phones compatible with it.

6) Google's business platform

Google edify developers to write their own Android apps. Additionally, Google keeps it free to download the app from the app store. However, there is a premium category under which premium apps could be purchased with revenue share between Google (30%) and the software developer (70%). On the other hand, freemium business model provides an opportunity to collect revenue from free apps via Google's in-app billing capabilities.


Day by day, android devices are getting better; thus the reach of the users. There are many more benefits to the Best android applications development services. If you are looking for a company that can help you get your app developed, you can also discuss the many more scope of going with android app development.

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