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Ongraph Technologies proves to be a leading selenium testing service provider!

We provide complete Selenium automation testing services, independent of the programming language and platforms. In addition to this, we provide support with widely known programming languages such as Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScrip-Node, C# and many others as well as with the market wide used browsers including IE, Chrome, FireFox, etc. We are a Reliable Software Testing Company and are easy to work with.

When an app developed, it went through several rounds of testing processes to make sure a user only get highest quality experience once download and engage with it. To test the app, its functionality, features and performance, many testing frameworks are being used by software development companies.

Among many tools and frameworks, Selenium has acquired a distinct position. This is an open-source application testing framework and available with sophisticated features that allows hassle-free testing of web portals and software applications.

Google, Facebook, Salesforce and alike companies are the top users of this significant tool. To check if you are making your mind to Hire Selenium Testers , you must understand it's advantages and disadvantages first. Advantages:

a) Easy to install and use

b) Lots of online resources

c) A test can be run 24x7 from a remotely held device

d) It has a record and playback options using selenium IDE

e) Can run multiple tests simultaneously and allows parallel executions


a) It is used to test only web-based applications and doesn't support desktop applications
b) It is not possible to test images with Selenium
c) Switching control from native to the web or vice versa requires additional tool support

When an app development company works with Selenium Testing Service Provider , they become able to achieve delivery due to the following reasons:

A) It supports collaborative work culture and engages people in the delivery process

B) It automates all the possible phases of application testing and delivery procedure

Selenium ensures delivery as the tools allows continuous testing of each component of the app while testing the software. A developer can perform constant app submission using the strategies and practices of agile development into the testing procedure.

Using Selenium in application development process supports automation. It further enhances the developer's proficiency in creating apps over the long haul. Being a crucial tool that supports automated testing, it enable developers to reuse the test scripts which saves developers time; thus reduce app development cost.

Amongst widely available open source automated testing frameworks, selenium standout amongst all due to serving a suite of tools. Using such tools, developers get access to all the internet browsers and automate testing of the applications to cross platforms. Developers can use the device in association with continuous integration for automated testing of the web application via test scripts. Developers get the following features:

a) Constant regression testing
b) Faster input to developers.
c) The unlimited emphasis on test case execution
d) Supports Agile and other extraordinary development methodologies.
e) Defect detailing

Though several test automation tools are available in the market, selenium is still considered as the first choice for many testing projects. It requires less programming knowledge, that appeals to developers. Right from open source nature to cross-platform compatibility, Selenium is available with several testing packages. Selenium is best among others when it comes to automation testing services.

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