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Why developers vote Python as the best application programming language?

Find here, all the answers to common questions like why do companies use Python and reasons why Python developers are highly paid techies globally.

Touted as one of the easiest languages to learn Python or the snake language has created a rage in the programming arena. The latest report from Forbes declares that Python has shown 456% growth in last year.

It has been ranked as the fifth most popular programming languages in the TIOBE index. As the market of Python application programming rises, so does the demand of its programmers.

Another assuring factor is that top tech companies like Google, ABN AMRO, Facebook, Dropbox, IBM, NASA, Mozilla, Quora etc use Python web programming adding more spirit to the idea that Python is here to stay.

Experts confirm that Python is famous as a general purpose programming language that reduces the complexity of coding and ensures rapid application development. A high level programming language with absolute readability, simplified syntax and minimized code development are some of the features that make it the most attractive languages in the web programming arena and are a reason behind its sky rocketed popularity.

In fact, when you have an experienced team of python developers, you can actually outshine competitors through fast application development and modification of existing software. So, Python application programming gives you an edge over competitors aiding you to become a market leader.

Python shows a 27% year over year growth as per Stack Overflow and we can’t deny its humongous growth in web and application programming. There are numerous compelling reasons that force developers and tech companies to give a unanimous vote to python application programming.

We will glance through them now. Read on to find more!

Reasons for the Popularity of Python Application Programming:

Easy to understand and modify: Well, it is one of the easiest languages to code and read. The simplicity of its syntax, transparent interface and nearly readable code makes it popular amongst the experts and the novice.

Often considered as the mirror image of ‘pseudo-code’, Python is widely used for prototyping applications. If you want to carry forward the development of an application and if it’s written in Python then the developers need little effort to understand and modify the code.

Minimal coding: The best part about Python web programming is that it minimizes the time taken for development. The code which takes three hours to write in Java takes just 30 minutes to write in Python.

This absolute comfort in converting ideas into code and then applications calls for the popularity of Python. This is again, one of the primary reasons for the increasing number of Python developers .

Free, open source language: Python is a community supported language as you can easily get its source code and pre-binary code. Developing and modifying is hassle-free plus it’s freely available in the market makes it a prominent choice of tech companies.

In addition, being free software does not make it vulnerable as it is used to highest technical innovations like one of the finest usages of it is for automation. Experienced Python developers use its rich library and tools life Fabric and Ansible to automate recurring processes.

Its variety of uses in data science, machine language learning and other high tech developments makes Python a leader in the market.

Python blends with other technologies: Again, a feature to drool over! Python can blend itself with C, C#, Java and other high level programming languages. This gives the developers more freedom of development as they can use the features of both these languages to create a hybrid, robust, matchless applications.

The multiple implementations of Python as Jython (blend of Python and Java for JVM), IronPython (Python with C#), Cpython (Python and C) etc ensure that the applications can interact with modules written in different languages. As most of these are open source and free, they work the best for community development.

Supports third party packages: The Python Package Index (PyPI) has room for third party modules which ensures that Python program communicates with those written in other languages. As of May 2017, the index displayed 107,000+ third party packages, which makes sure that Python web developers can develop fastest applications by using other technologies.

Python distribution: Linux chooses Python for its interpreter for Fedora, Google accepted it as the one and only dynamic language for App Engine platform, Apple uses it as an interpreter for Mac OS X. What else could be said for the credibility and technical ingenuity of the language? Without an iota of doubt Python programming has made its mark and has scaled unparallel heights.

The above reasons act as inviting factors for Python web developers who also happen to get best salaries in the IT market. They are also the answer to the common question that why companies use Python .

As per statistics, Python coders are paid an average of $106,000 a year making Python development a lucrative career for the coding geeks. If we look at Python distribution, then it is chosen unanimously by tech giants like Google, Apple, Linux and more, making it a highly reliable language for the present and the future.

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If you have a concept that needs our technical expertise then we are happy to collaborate.

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