Foxtel puts its video content into Silver Trak’s cloud

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Broadcasters and pay-TV companies like Foxtel handle massive numbers of video files. Every piece of programming goes through cycles of review and revision; it’s sent to journalists for promotion; to partners overseas and at every transfer security and usage rights need to be enforced. And ever file has to be archived and made accessible for future use.

DataBasics depends on BitCloud for digital asset management


For over 20 years Queensland company DataBasics has been helping some of Australia's biggest names in government, education and industry manage their digital data assets. For most of those 20 years its offerings have all been premises-based, but cloud computing is changing digital asset management, just as it is changing almost every aspect of IT, and DataBasics wanted to move with the times.

GS1 Australia launches the smart digital asset management solution - GS1 SmartMedia

GS1-Australia-launches-the-smart-digital-asset-management-solutionThe adage that "A picture tells a thousand words" is never truer than when it applies to your promotional materials. Once your products grow into the hundreds and thousands, the number of images and other product-related digital assets skyrockets and can become difficult for you to manage, slowing down your response to requests for access to those assets.