Shopify Store Development - The Saviour for eCommerce

Yes, this is it. Amidst of shutdown globally due to corona-crises. Its time to think about your eCommerce’s health and sustainable existence. This time will not last for long. But, if you do not keep a check upon your online business. Then, the situation will get even worse. So, take a deep breath and buckle up to again rein-up your business with Shopify store development solutions. Yes, Shopify has proven the best guard for shielding your business from any malice. Or else how it would have grown to become the 2nd most eCommerce platform in the world, just after WooCommerce? 

Brands That Started As A Single Vendor Store But Became An Online Marketplace

Over the past few years, the concept of selling products using online marketplaces has indeed become a hot-topic amongst entrepreneurs. eCommerce mavericks such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and various others who have a vast online marketplace are setting examples for aspiring entrepreneurs. After technology and the digital sphere has evolved it has become a cakewalk for aspiring entrepreneurs to launch an eCommerce marketplace platform.

SpotnEats Goes Big! Supports Multiple Verticles and Industries with their UberEats Clone App Solution

SpotnEats is an ultimate UberEats clone solution you can use to run your own food delivery business within a matter of a few days. Many more features than the original UberEats app. Just customize according to your business and it will be ready for your users to download and start using to order delicious foods from their favorite restaurants.

Planning to Launch a Multi Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace? Here is Your Go-to Guide

The aspiring entrepreneurs are deliberately searching for business models like multi-vendor marketplace and dropshipping. The reason is quite simple. These business models are known for their convenience. Being the owner of a multi-vendor marketplace, you can earn money by selling the products without owning an inventory. Also, you can make your consumers enjoy the fruits of hassle-free shopping using your multi-vendor marketplace.

Benefits of Complete Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace software for sellers, buyers, and owner

The dynamics of online shopping continue to grow as the entrepreneurs have understood that the multi-vendor marketplace is the best source for their revenue generation and they consider the multi-vendor marketplace as a gold mine. An online store works as a relationship infrastructure that offers numerous tools for vendors as well as consumers. The latest survey proves that the multi-vendor marketplace has the upper hand over single vendor marketplace. Since it is very cost-effective and also one can sell a wide range of products, a multi-vendor marketplace platform has gained a huge response from the entrepreneurs, sellers, and buyers. Let us analyze the benefits in detail.

How much does it cost to launch a Successful Multi-Vendor E-commerce Marketplace Platform

Starting a multi-vendor marketplace is a dream for many entrepreneurs. As they know the importance of online marketing they cannot ignore in promoting their business online. The cost of launching a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace mainly depends on the features and the type we are going to develop. If you are a start-up company and you expect your eCommerce to have the basic features that are essential for your online store the cost will be minimum.

Building A Magento Mobile App In 2020 Got Cheaper Than You Think

In the recent few years, you might have come across skyrocketing charges for building an eCommerce Mobile App, especially for websites built on Magento eCommerce platform. Although Magento is considered one of the best solutions for building an eCommerce website or a mobile app due to its extensive features and flexibility, developing a Magento Mobile App has always been a bit expensive.

B2B eCommerce Marketplace Model Business With Examples

The B2B sector offers a huge opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. It is a growing sector which is why there are high chances to disrupt or leave a mark by launching a marketplace of your niche. Companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay have taken huge strides in the eCommerce arena. Their success has set a perfect example for aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to take their business online using the b2b eCommerce business plan.

Angular And NodeJS: The Best Ecommerce Technology Stack For A Scalable Platform

NodeJS offers a lightweight and efficient runtime environment. MEAN Stack provides the best platform by enabling ease-of-use and allows developers to scale the eCommerce application for enterprise needs. Every part of the MEAN stack is written in one programming language. They are the combination of programming languages, tools, and frameworks that the developers use to create an online store.

Choose your payment gateway for eCommerce store

Over many years, payment gateway for an eCommerce site and mobile applications have been increasing enormously; and, so are payment gateway service or payment gateway providers. Unlike the old days, now, to make an online payment for products and services on a site is not an overwhelming task for customers.

10 Best Multivendor Marketplace Software And Scripts: 2020 Edition

In the business sector, all prefer to do online shopping in order to make their shopping easier. We implemented the Multivendor e-commerce Software. Let the vendors get into your store and there they can categorize their own products and sales in a common marketplace website. You can have a number of vendors at your store and you can establish more and more vendors for the Multi-Vendor marketplace. Alternatively, Readymade marketplace software is ready to use software that gives you an instant solution and all readymade marketplace are easy and ready to implement.

How to build a Multi-Vendor Marketplace Website Like Amazon, Alibaba And Ebay

Zielcommerce assist in managing the retail order by fulfilling the store requirements and retail associate platforms. Every business gets customised option and flexible option. The business requirement gets suited because it is completely customer oriented focusing on the customers’ specificity. They are ensure to provide the best and the magnificent agile process in selling.

Building businesses online through COVID19 Pandemic


CedCommerce is making moves to be a helping hand for people. We’re helping online businesses to revamp and offline businesses and sellers to migrate online to get their business to grow better. CedCommerce steps forward with an initiative to support marketplaces and sellers by building businesses online through COVID19 Pandemic.

CedCommerce Launches Bol PrestaShop Integration

Portland, Oregon(March 28, 2020) - CedCommerce today released its new product Bol PrestaShop Integration for sellers based in the Netherlands and Belgium. This newly launched integration will help PrestaShop sellers to integrate their store with marketplace and sell easily.

How to Build Ecommerce Website like Flipkart, Amazon and Alibaba

Build eCommerce websites like amazon or eCommerce platforms like amazon for Your Business with all the necessary features yet the affordable cost of the website like Alibaba or Amazon. In order how to start a website like Alibaba, you need a website and product, but to get the success you need to make a digital marketing strategy. You can get to know how to make a website like an amazon, Alibaba and more, running within a week and it will be completely modern, feature-packed and fully customizable.