Good news Opencart sellers! Now sell more and increase the conversion rate of your website via OpenCart Etsy Integrator Extension!!

In this present era, being an eCommerce store owner is not a cake walk. They have to keep an eye on the competition growing every day in this industry. So it’s really important to provide your business with a platform in the form of the marketplace which will help you to increase the sales of your eCommerce store. Etsy is one of the most successful and renowned marketplaces which allow people to buy and sell products worldwide.

Shopify SEO Tips: your step-by-step guide to rank #1

While Shopify provides the store owners with various inbuilt SEO hacks and techniques, they are certainly not enough if you want to stand out from your competition. Follow these tips for Shopify SEO and make your store visible.

8 best WooCommerce Plugins to increase sales and conversion rates

WooCommerce is a precious gift of the WordPress platform. So, it has rich plugin inventory available to customize the site, increase sales, and conversion. Perception System, USA is going to give hints out the most crucial eight (8) plugin for enhancement of WooCommerce conversion rate. Let’s check it.

How Web Push Notifications are important for eCommerce?

Browser or web push notifications are best for initiating real-time interaction with your subscribers in a crisp manner. The best part of these real-time notifications is that they are clickable messages that appear directly in your subscribers’ browsers, even if they are not active on your website. These update push notifications are compatible with both desktops and mobiles.

Now get rid of spammers and dazzle more quality leads to your website via Google reCaptcha!!

It is the most obvious phenomenon that websites suffer from the attack of spam contents or spammers which directly influences the quality of an eCommerce website. Being a PrestaShop store owner, it becomes very frustrating to get rid of these spammers as it directly hurts the sales and conversion rate of your website resulting in loss of revenues. In fact, many times the registered people are not humans but the AI bots which basically harm your website and content. This makes sellers responsible to look for a perfect solution to all these problems.

Know why Shopify is proving out to be the best choice in 2019

Know why Shopify is proving out to be the best choice in 2019

The concept of creating an online brand has hiked up in the past 4-5 years. The following are the reasons for this occurrence in the eCommerce scenario- 1) Need for the personalized selling process 2) The desire for increased brand recognition 3) Trustworthy Customer Base

eBay Opencart Integration Is Now Live On Official Opencart Marketplace


Portland, Oregon (20th May 2019):  Bent on building the best and efficient world-class tech solutions for online sellers, CedCommerce adds another development to its list with eBay Opencart Integration. The integration promises to deliver all the automated and advanced features to Opencart sellers to, even more, upgrade their businesses on eBay.

Good news PrestaShop store owners!!Integrate yourself into immense success and profit this week!

Encouraging your brand name is the most important factor to increase your website’s revenue. Being a PrestaShop store owner, it's your responsibility to get noticed between the audience and attract them to buy your products. Selling products on a marketplace is a hassle-free approach to improve sale and this eventually increases your business growth too. One of the marketplaces is eBay which provides PrestaShop store a platform for doing online business all over the world.

It’s time to double your sale on eBay Marketplace!!

There’s no surprise to the fact that online trading has changed the way of living of an individual. The huge involvement of technology has let users to get anything from anywhere in just few clicks. eCommerce industry is the forever growing and the most successful industry all over the world. The easiness of trading provided by this industry lures consumers to shop online without any inconvenience. Being a seller, it’s high time to brush up your old techniques and implement some new strategies. One could be turning your physical retail store into an online store. Online shopping is a big boon in today’s generation. The Magento store owner should think about selling online as it will lead into profitable results.

Etsy BigCommerce Integration App Now live on Official BigCommerce App Store


Portland, Oregon (24-4-2019): CedCommerce,an online eCommerce solution provider, has launched their brand new application “Etsy BigCommerce Integration” to cater to retailers with hassle-free online selling experience. The app is now live on Official BigCommerce App Store to help BigCommerce sellers sell seamlessly on Etsy.

Is One Click Checkout a game-changer for eCommerce site

One Click Checkout or 1-click checkout addon are designed to trigger impulse buying among the store customers. One Click checkout simplifies the shopping interface for the online users letting them purchase a single item from the store. One click buying incorporates direct buy button corresponding to every product page which has improved the shopping experience of the shoppers and so the conversion rates subsequently.

Get ready to double your sale on Walmart Marketplace!

Being an eCommerce store owner make you wish for good sale and traffic on your website. Sellers need to be remain aware about the latest strategies to overcome the growing competition. Selling products through your PrestaShop store could limit to particular number of customers which is definitely not a good choice. Walmart PrestaShop Integrator Extension by KnowBand enables you to expand your reach to millions of customers all over the world and provides an extra edge over other sellers by enhancing your overall business growth. This module easily integrates your PrestaShop store to Walmart Marketplace without any hassle.

What are custom E-commerce Development and its advantage?

With the increase in the demand on the online platform, there has being a sudden increase in streamlining the business with the impactful role in the business world. It is also becoming a great way to go around the business. Hence, joining hands with the e-commerce development company is the best decision to grow. It has become a major factor that helps in enhancing the sales factor and taking it to a new level.

Live Commerce: Advance way to experience online shopping

Technology is increasing the bandwidth of the imagination implemented in the e-commerce sector. These days’ companies in this sector are using live streaming to grow brand awareness and its services. This is another way to boost sales.