Know the importance of shopping cart development for an ecommerce website


The shopping basket is software that operates as an online store's list and ordering process. It is likewise considered as a shopping basket. It is an obstruction between the site and it's more profound infrastructure to purchase and change the product you pick and buy. It is a usual thing that every e-business site must have.

Secret benefits of ecommerce web development


Either it's a start-up organization or any huge association, everybody needs to develop their business in all conceivable ways and ECommerce web development lets them get nearer to their latent customers or clients through the web.

Expand your business employing Magento e-commerce solution

The various eCommerce alternatives in the business can make a crucial condition for entrepreneurs to meet online business demands. An online business solution is said to be extremely effective while it fulfills the visitors, sellers and buyers business requirements.

Why ecommerce customer service & support is important for every online shopping platform?

Ecommerce customer service is a strategy for providing customer service to customers on Ecommerce stores. When retailers invest in improving their e-commerce customer service, through live chat, or other channels, they will get a reputation as more reliable customers, better conversion rates and an advantage over their competitors.

Appjetty launches 5 new Odoo based apps

AppJetty, a product based IT firm in Ahmedabad, India has recently launched 5 new Odoo based applications. These products will streamline admin operations and tasks of Odoo based ecommerce stores and serve different functionalities. AppJetty’s Odoo Apps are some of the best selling apps on the the Odoo App Store.

The top of the paybacks to retailers when they use Magento eCommerce Technology

The top of the paybacks to retailers when they use Magento eCommerce Technology

If you are an online retailer, you have probably heard of Magento – the eCommerce platform for content management. And if you have not heard about it so far, let me reveal you about the top of paybacks that e-retailers can receive and, many are already receiving when they power their businesses with the Magento eCommerce technology.

Biztech store rebrands itself into AppJetty

Biztech Consultancy, one of the very well-known IT firms based in Ahmedabad, India, recently rebranded Biztech Store, their product store, into AppJetty. AppJetty is a brand new store and provides its customer base with the same set of 100+ software add-ons for Magento, Odoo, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, WordPress & Dynamics CRM, with a few new additions.

Retail trends to watch out for in 2017

The year 2016 brought much technological evolution to the fore, and it has merged with many industries to give an output that can be calculated to see the growth of each of them.As we are already in the first leg of the New Year, here are some of the retail trends that will affect the masses, and in turn affect the retail industry positively.