MakeWebBetter Becomes A HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner

Oregon, Portland: Today, MakeWebBetter announced that it has joined HubSpot’s Solutions Partner Program as HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner (Formerly. HubSpot Certified Gold Agency Partner). HubSpot, a leading growth platform, works hand-in-hand with partner experts to grow their businesses through inbound software, services, and support.

E-commerce website development Market trends in 2020

Buying goods and services online has become a common practice among many people worldwide. According to the survey, 21.55% of the world's population shop online and in the coming years the digital buyer will rise to over 2.14 billion. Along with the increase in mobile users, the e-commerce platform is also growing rapidly. So we have to meet with the ever-changing trends to reach the maximum customers across the world.

Recommerce retail: what digital marketing strategy to choose

Recommerce is a business model based on the concept of the reuse of products. The term was first introduced in 2005 in the New York Times interview with the Forrester Research CEO, George F. Colony talking about changes in technology selling models. Later the term evolved to what we have now.

Launch Shopping Apps for OpenCart Website | Android/iOS

Developing eCommerce Mobile Apps for your OpenCart online store is completely code-free now. There isn’t any need to learn to code or gain technical knowledge to create or manage apps. With the ready-to-go Mobile App Builder framework, every OpenCart store owner can own a pair of full-fledged Android and iOS shopping apps. Read the complete article to know more in detail.

Want to target a global audience? With Knowband's Prestashop auto switch language and currency you can do so!

Prestashop auto switch currency module automatically changes the language and currency of the store based on the visitor's IP Address. This Auto change language addon is easy to implement on the store. The store owners just have to upload a geo-location file consisting of the country, it's currency and language. They don't have to implement any coding skills as well.

Bring more traffic to your store with Prestashop Facebook Share and Win Discount addon

Prestashop Facebook share and get discount module allows the store owners to integrate a social sharing option on the product pages of the store and in turn, the store owners can earn exciting discounts. It serves a dual purpose. The store owners can activate or deactivate the module with just a single click.

Magento 2 Infinite Scroll Extension Say Goodbye to boring pagination system

Magento 2 Infinite Scroll Extension by Knowband allows the store owners to incorporate an endless scrolling feature on the website. It is highly intuitive and strives to offer a better user-experience to the store owners. Magento 2 fast scroll extension is extremely customizable as well. It offers easy installation and configuration steps to the store owners as well.

Left Menu in Mobile Application for Magento 2

Convert your Magento 2 website into iOS & Android apps with the latest top features and full customization. Get started with PurpleTree Magento 2 Mobile App now.

Want to target different customer groups? Magento 2 auto switch language and currency extension by Knowband can help

Magento 2 Auto change language and currency extension allow automated conversion of language and currency on the online stores. Magento 2 language and currency switcher module allow switching of language based on the customer's Ip Address. It gives a better experience to the customers on their website. By providing the store content in the customer's native language builds trust and dependability of the customers towards your store.

Automating Delivery Process for Online Business

Qtriangle Infotech an e-commerce website design and development company - A top Indian company offering creative eCommerce services to customers in the world

OpenCart Block User extension

OpenCart Block User/bot by IP, Country or User Agent is a bot protection solution that every online store owner should incorporate on their online stores or websites. The online store owner gets to block bots through their IP/Country/User-agent. OpenCart Block User/bot by IP is very easy to install and configure. The store owner doesn't have to apply any coding skills to work with this module.

How to use osterwalder’s business model canvas in ecommerce

Inspired by the stories of eCommerce unicorn companies that have achieved incredible success, we do not pay attention to the general dynamics of the e-commerce market development. According to Practical E-commerce, 8 out of 10 online stores cease their activities. The main reason for this is the lack of strategy, vision or competence.