What are the best ways to finance your salon?

During the first few years of running a salon, you need to generate a positive cash flow while facing high overhead costs and an inconsistent revenue stream. This is not an easy task!

Free Walmart Canada Webinar – How to sell on it. How to avoid the hurdles


To empower the sellers to sell in the Canadian region, CedCommerce is all set to conduct an all-inclusive webinar on ‘How To Sell on Walmart Canada’ next month. With an expert take on how to start selling at Walmart Canada, CedCommerce will steer the merchants to reach the zenith of success. Read the full story.

5 tips on how to choose the best ecommerce development company

Having an online presence is not a choice but a necessity. The current competition is high when it comes to both brick and mortar, and online eCommerce sphere. With the eCommerce market ready to grow 60% this year, there is no reason to sit back and relax.

Magento marketplace, a new place to purchase extensions from CedCommerce.

In the vast e-commerce web of sellers and extension providers, CedCommerce is taking its steps steadily and firmly. In its journey to stay ahead of the curve, the latest development is the incorporation of some more of its extensions on Magento Marketplace. Look through the whole story!

Free shopify mobile app for your shopify store

The MageNative Shopify Mobile App is available for all Shopify store owners and will allow them to create native mobile applications for Android and iOS smartphones. The applications are designed by MageNative’s team of veteran developers and are completely customized to each and every client’s specifications.

5 Top Reasons Why Majority of eCommerce Stores Fail

While eCommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart are making a fortune out of their services, the fact still remains that eCommerce industry has a failure rate of 80%, while 30% of startups in the segment vanish within the first 12 months itself, around 30% continue losing money in the attempt to survival.

How to get success in ecommerce business - Hidden Secrets Unleashed

E-commerce has become the latest trend in recent years. With the advent of internet, the potential market for every business has increased. Now the businesses can reach out to millions of online users. These users like to shop and purchase product online.

Top 5 must have Magento extensions for Christmas holidays

Christmas is the time you can get maximum sales and increase your ROI to maximum! If your website is made with Magento Development, let's read these important must-have Magento extensions for any eCommerce store.

Know the importance of shopping cart development for an ecommerce website


The shopping basket is software that operates as an online store's list and ordering process. It is likewise considered as a shopping basket. It is an obstruction between the site and it's more profound infrastructure to purchase and change the product you pick and buy. It is a usual thing that every e-business site must have.

Secret benefits of ecommerce web development


Either it's a start-up organization or any huge association, everybody needs to develop their business in all conceivable ways and ECommerce web development lets them get nearer to their latent customers or clients through the web.

Expand your business employing Magento e-commerce solution

The various eCommerce alternatives in the business can make a crucial condition for entrepreneurs to meet online business demands. An online business solution is said to be extremely effective while it fulfills the visitors, sellers and buyers business requirements.

Why ecommerce customer service & support is important for every online shopping platform?

Ecommerce customer service is a strategy for providing customer service to customers on Ecommerce stores. When retailers invest in improving their e-commerce customer service, through live chat, or other channels, they will get a reputation as more reliable customers, better conversion rates and an advantage over their competitors.