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Why ecommerce customer service & support is important for every online shopping platform?

Ecommerce customer service is a strategy for providing customer service to customers on Ecommerce stores. When retailers invest in improving their e-commerce customer service, through live chat, or other channels, they will get a reputation as more reliable customers, better conversion rates and an advantage over their competitors.

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Since online shopping experience has some basic differences to brick and mortar stores, online retailers have little access to a variety of customers. One of the main differences involves the customer context.

When a buyer enters a store, a customer support can start to recognize some things that will help them come to a decision how to provide support. Is the buyer in a rush? Does the consumer seem to be in good mood? Do they make a decision to buy something or are they killing time while someone is waiting for anyone?

Online shopping does not offer this type of visual snippets, so if the online retailers want to provide online customer service, they need to take a different approach. The text should come in the form of data, which can be used to provide better experiences.


Despite the fact that online retailers will not have access to visual context, they can be based on the online customer service provided by the data. Doing so allows online retailer to:

Multichannel support: Different channels have different strengths and weaknesses. Measuring how customers use each channel will allow retailers to take full advantage.

They might prefer direct support via chat but communication (like new offerings or sales) might be better through social media.

Personalize support and marketing: Since all activities, from browsing to buying to customer service, happen online, it’s possible to track and measure customer behavior. That means when a customer reaches for support, the support agent will already have access to information about the customer, including purchase history, which will allow the agent to treat the customer like a person.

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Offer self-service: Since many customers prefer to help themselves, many online retailers benefit from offering a help center, which can include answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), return policies, and more.

Deliver Choice: Offer irresistible and genuine delivery methods to the products based on the type, stock availability, location and customer preference while at the time of making a purchase. Include home delivery and pick-up & drop-off networks in order to differentiate your delivery methods from other sellers by permitting the customer’s to choose the delivery method according to their choice, while maintaining entire control of delivery costs.

Manage Delivery: Retailers can offer the ability to quickly and easily find their nearest or convenient points with integrated map functionality to display options for the customers. Retain and update database accuracy for customers in a regular interval of time, while a retailer ensures to meet their customer promise.

Despite of the delivery options, it is also important to include store locations as part of their delivery idea by the high street sellers.

Customer Assurance: With fully configurable and reliable delivery options, the retailer only displays available and accurate options to customers before purchase, supported by a guaranteed delivery date. This ensures consumers identify precisely when their order will be delivered, or will be available for collection, and removes any uncertainty during the purchase process.

Displaying actual delivery date during checkout means customers know when to expect their order which reduces calls to Customer Service teams. This level of detail is obtained in real-time to ensure customer promises are kept.

So, by providing these types of customer service and support, you can build trust with the customers. Building trust can increase the traffic towards your website as well as it will increase the conversion rate.

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