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Here's how social media can boost sales of an eCommerce store


Social media is a highly dominating platform with billions of user base increasing uniformly. Also, an individual is not only active on a single platform instead they have an account on multiple social media sites.

This is an open opportunity for e-commerce business to reach their target customers through various platforms. The plus point of social media is the engagement of the users with the brands and their products.

There are immense techniques to interact with customers who are willing to buy your product but they were unaware of your existence.

Organising a campaign on social media can reach dense traffic resulting in countless conversions.

Here's how the social media boost the sales of an e-commerce store:

User-Generated Contents(UGC)

Personally, whenever I buy a product through an e-commerce site, the first thing I look for is the experience and reviews of the past customers. User-Generated content has a huge role in boosting the sales by gaining the trust of the customers.

As per the public perspective, they believe that a person who shares his/her reviews after using the product is honest and trustworthy. UGC is created by customer post videos, pictures of products, testimonials, reviews and the blogs explaining everything about the product.

Whenever a buyer checkout, make sure to send them a message asking for feedback after the product has been received. People like to share their experience and after fetching their reviews, show them up to the audience on social media.

Using Influencers

Influencers on social media have a huge fan following, who are basically the paid advertisers of e-commerce sites.

Now, drop a request to those famous personalities who can promote your product by reviewing them in the best way. Their followers are going to try your product and most probably gonna love it.

Offer free samples of your product to them and try to build a relationship which can help you further in the future.

What you got?

"An adequate amount of conversions + More number of reviews and feedback + loyal customers"

Keep in mind, the influencer must be related to your field and have the elementary knowledge of those products.

For example- If your e-commerce Make an Inquiry about this news business is about health and fitness products then you need to contact a fitness model with the required fan following and ask them to promote your product on their social media platform.

Social Media Contests

This is one of my favourites which is also considered to be the most engaging and fun loving for the audience.

Contest or giveaway is trending on almost every social media site like youtube, Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc. How it works?

Organise a campaign, ask a question or give a task(share, subscribe, follow, comment etc.) to the audience and whoever completes it first with the right answer is the winner. It is the easiest and hence most efficient way of increasing the sales.

Paid Social Media Ads

Once I was looking for a bag and after browsing for half an hour I end up on nothing good. I didn't realise that after that I was a target customer for an e-commerce who sell bags.

Since then, whenever I was scrolling down on social media there were ads for bags with pictures and finally, I end up buying one which I really like. That's how it works.

Social media ads are the paid content which is placed in front of the target customers. These campaigns are really effective if organised properly analysing the audience who are expected to take interest in your product.

Social Videos

Some people are curious about a particular product and wanted to know "how it will look" or "how it works".

Social videos are booming the marketing sales by 71.3% which is confirmed by e-commerce businesses. The videos are related to unboxing the product, public reactions, tutorials, comparing with other products and many more.

Most commonly used platform for social videos is Youtube which is free of cost making it easier and cost-saving way of marketing.

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