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Buy one get one has got global language WPML compatibility, all set with 50+ languages

Recently, WooCommerce BOGO has been crowned for WPML compatibility which assures that it now global language friendly.

Now, cherish the excellence of Buy One Get One with an edge of WPML compatibility. Yes, you read it right. Now the WooCommerce BOGO (Buy One Get One) with a version 1.0.0 is fully compatible with WPML.

Keeping heed with a requirement for WPML, it is must for every e-commerce oriented plugins as it has a wide range to cater with large number audience.

Through a research, people search for discounts, offers, cart discounts and more.

If we look at internet users by language there are 565 million English, 509 million Chinese, 164 million Spanish, and around 55-99 million for Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, and French internet users. So, to pamper this larger number of engagement for your e-store, you should also work towards it.

Let’s look for WooCommerce BOGO plugin benefits:

  • Increases online traffic: This will help in improving your online presence as it will amplify the online traffic with help of WooCommerce dynamic pricing which looks for buy one get one free product.
  • Amplify your brand’s sale: BOGO eventually helps in correcting your brand sale with a new idea of free products in the customer’s cart.
  • Improves selling the product: Creates a whirlpool in the selling process with the help of free product which gets a life by advancing your WooCommerce store.
  • Restructure your client base: Everybody on this earth likes a free product and applying discounts. So, why not your customers! You can reconstruct your target base again with all new BOGO.
  • Create a buzz in the market: Buy One Get One will certainly happen if you provide buy one get one free product via your WooCommerce store with profit margin intact. 

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