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SMSA Shipping Extension with latest upgrades

SMSA shipping service is pretty well-known in Saudi Arab. Why they are well-preferred is no mystery. Their delivery service and sincerity are unmatched in terms of timeliness and security. Cedcommerce had come up with the SMSA delivery module that is totally compatible with any Magento frame. Now Cedcommerce has announced some upgrades in the module that makes it much more preferable easy to handle.


Fabulous news for all the Magento users, Cedcommerce is bringing forth some remarkable upgrade in it’s SMSA Shipping Extension.

Prior to disclosing the exciting upgrades, a brief broach about SMSA and what it is all about especially for all those who are unaware of the whole concept.

SMSA express is a big name in the courier industry operating solely in Saudi Arabia providing a wide range of their shipping services that covers international as well as domestic express transportation by road, sea or air, plus other services like custom clearance mailroom management special delivery channels for health sector etc. and thousands of other companies since 1994 and.

Cedcommerce developed SMSA shipping module that anyone having a platform built on the Magento framework can use.

Since this is a module, it can be bought separately and configured later according to the need.

Perks of the module:-

  • The admin can enable or disable the module for the product they select.    
  • Admin can generate a hardcopy of the shipping label.
  • The admin can assign a tracking number to every order through SMSA shipping extension, they wouldn’t have to look out for another module to do so.
  • Customer/Admin can track the live status of their package using the tracking URL provided on track order popup.  
  • The admin can set the final cost of the product that will be visible at the time of checkout to the customer. This will allow the admin to earn commission on every sale even from the customers.  

The SMSA shipping service works specifically for Saudi Arabia and its efficiency is at par. Its service for speedy and safe delivery can be totally trusted, that is one of the main reason why it is preferred over other shipping services.

SMSA shipping provides well organized and well-managed delivery service i.e. there is almost no scope of package loss as the order can be tracked at any stage of the transaction.


Free Shipping Cart rule:


This upgrade eliminates the external effort of manually checking the cost of every product and setting the shipping charge to zero each time when the product cost hits a certain parameter.

With free shipping cart rule, the admin just has to set the parameter once and whenever the product cost reaches it during the time of checkout, the shipping charges will automatically hit zero.

If previously someone has been using a different module for the process, now they don't have to anymore. All they need is to upgrade the SMSA shipping extension.

COD Shipping Label:


Several customers may like to opt for COD option as they checkout. When that happens, a label of the COD is automatically generated in the form of PDF for the admin as a proof of transaction.

The admin won’t have to keep a separate tab for the COD orders and will be spared all the extra hassle that they had to go before.

Arabic Language Input Compatibility:

Previously this was a major problem with most of the shipping services that they took the input only in certain language, same was with our SMSA shipping module as well.

With CedCommerce's latest upgrade now that will never be a problem. The extension is now compatible for Arabic input as well.

The changes have been made keeping in mind that every customer may not know English. Why give any customer a chance to leave your site without shopping just because of the language barrier.

These are some of the important upgrades that have been made in our SMSA shipping extension to help you out.

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About Cedcommerce:

For a remarkable amount of time, CedCommerce has been offering the necessary technical solutions specifically made for building one such platform. These extensions come with a multitude of features to aid in the development of a rich multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace.

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