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Is One Click Checkout a game-changer for eCommerce site

One Click Checkout or 1-click checkout addon are designed to trigger impulse buying among the store customers. One Click checkout simplifies the shopping interface for the online users letting them purchase a single item from the store. One click buying incorporates direct buy button corresponding to every product page which has improved the shopping experience of the shoppers and so the conversion rates subsequently.

What do you know about One Click Checkout?
One Click Checkout has revolutionized eCommerce checkout in order to provide a hassle-free and easy shopping experience to the users. One Click Checkout will be welcomed quickly as it speeds up online buying, thereby removing some of the checkout friction one of the most important goals of modern businesses.

Why single click checkout is the holy grail of online shopping?
It's very common to see cart abandonment rates of 70% in the online world. So, a simpler and streamlined checkout is always the goal for e-merchants.

The holy grail for e-commerce is safe, simple, and speedy one-click checkout—which leads to a noticeable boost in sales and revenues for merchants.


Understanding the need to control cart abandonment rates, e-merchants are now developing and implementing their own one-click checkout tool so that the customer can't resist themselves from completing the purchase.
Knowband, one of the leading eCommerce development company has launched their own modules for various platforms like Prestashop One Click Checkout, Magento One Click Checkout, OpenCart One Click Checkout.
Considering all the positive aspects, let's dive into the features of One-click Checkout by Knowband.

1. Adds a Direct Buy Button: Single Click Checkout addon show a Buy Now button on every product page within the site. Whenever the customer feels to perform checkout for the respective item, they can simply click over the Direct Buy button and can complete the checkout process for a single product.

2. Doesn't affects the existing cart: While the user performs instant checkout for a single item, the other existing items of the cart remain unmodified or unaltered. This is advantageous to the shoppers as they don't require to modify their cart before purchasing a single item from the store.

3. Customizable attributes: To make it look appealing to the online shoppers, Fast cart checkout module allows you to change the frontend appearance of the Direct Buy button. You can change the border color, background color or the text color of the Buy Now button shown over the product page.

4. One-click functionality: In any case, if the website owner wants to turn off the functionality of Single click checkout addon, they can simply enable or disable the instant checkout module by toggling the switch provided at the backend interface.

5. Multi-language support: You site users may belong to distinct locations, so the functionality of fast checkout module should be equally implemented in every possible language. Hence, One Click Checkout by Knowband comes with multi-lingual compatibility support.

6. Device-friendly Interface: The Buy Now interface integrated using single button checkout addon is fully responsive over mobile and tablet devices. As most of the online users perform shopping using their mobile phones or tablets, so one-click checkout is easily accessible using that.

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