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New Updates have been added in Coupon Referral Program to enhance the working of referral programs!

New Updates have been added in Coupon Referral Program to enhance the working of referral programs!

Coupon Referral Program compatibility update and coupon reporting feature is all that marketers need to enhance the working of referral marketing!

MakeWebBetter has announced some important updates in the Coupon Referral Program plugin in order to meet all the specifications of eCommerce business.  

The first announcement made by MakeWebBetter is the compatibility update of Coupon Referral Program with WooCommerce Points and Rewards. Built on coupon functionality but also providing the benefits of points, it will be more than great! Through this compatibility update, marketers have gained an opportunity to reward points to their customers on referral sign-up and purchase.

But, there is a condition that marketers can’t leverage points and coupons on the same boat! They have to select only one option to reward their customers on sign-up or referral purchase. 

Along with this, they need to have WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin installed in their WooCommerce store.

Wait Coupon Referral Program Updates aren't finished yet! 

MakeWebBetter has also introduced a new feature in Coupon Referral Program named as Coupon Reporting! From now onwards, reporting can be performed at a broad level to trace the behavior of referrals towards Coupons. With this, new feature admin and customers will be in power to track and monitor the status of their coupons from individual panels.

Admin can easily acquire complete and accurate information like who has referred how many users and the amount of coupon they have used for their shopping. Whereas customers will be able to analyze the total number of coupons they endure, the coupon amount they have already utilized and the number of users they have referred from their account.


MakeWebBetter wants to empower their audience with maximum benefits, that’s why they’re introducing new updates in Coupon Referral Program with a rocket speed. All this compatibility update and reporting feature will help marketers in acquiring loyal customers for their online store.

Click on Coupon Referral Program to know more about the updates!

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