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How to Create a Marketplace App like Letgo

LetGo is an application that allows you to sell a different variety of things with just a click. It is essential to photograph the goods, where the system itself determines and create an appropriate announcement and conduct a sales transaction. Zielcommerce is an absolute marketplace solution for creating an App like LetGo.

Idea and Concept

The people who want to sell second-hand things and those who want to buy them this help make a peer-to-peer deal.

Business Model and Monetization

The operating model is a marketplace based on buying and selling used goods outside the platform, that is, the system acts as a message board and the system will show buyers the ads of the seller within the radius. As for monetization, LetGo makes money with favorite lists, Letgo Pro, Google Ads.

Basic and Advanced Functions

Here letgo function is good to create your own mobile application, to succeed you need to stand out from the competition. You need to consider the short come and develop more service and to be a unique function.

Attractive and convenient UX / UI design

Now it time for UI/UX design the application must-have. The design should be preferred color and time-consuming. The main objective is letgo developers prefer color scheme combining with red and white that will be simple and intuitive.

Secure Payment Gateways

Next, secure payment gateways your application that uses for financial settlements between buyers and sellers.

Marketing Policy

First, the app needs an ad campaign before starting the product launched, then only you will ensure that the user's interest to the site at the start both from buyer and sellers.

Development cost

The development cost purely based on your needs, the cost is estimated at a different stage of the development process are Interface UX/UX, Technical documentation, Frontend, and internal development and polishing and fixing bugs and how many hours spent on each development stages.

Zielcommerce is the best marketplace solution to get a complete and perfect solution for you to create a marketplace app like Letgo. They offer an end-to-end solution to every business irrespective of its size. Solutions have given in order to encourage the profit-making opportunity which is very useful for the business across the places  Budgets and time frames are calculated according to your needs so that the entire budget will fit into the frame.

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