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Magento Blocker - Block Bot/User by IP, Country or User Agent Extension by Knowband

Bad bots are an all-too-common and growing problem. But what specific damage are they doing on your website? And how does it impact your business? In order to safeguard your eCommerce store from potential threats and malware, admin can implement block bot functionality on their store that blocks the suspected user/bot by IP, Country or User Agent.


Magento block user/bot by … extension lets you block the suspicious users and spambots on basis of their IP address, country or user-agent on your eCommerce store. By implementing block bot functionality of this blocker extension, you can surely enhance the user experience on your store. So let's proceed to the Magento IP Spam Blocker extension features offered by Knowband.


1. Magento Block User/bot by IP plugin is simple to install and configure for the store admins to their eCommerce website without investing any coding efforts.

2. This block bot functionality of Magento spam blocker extension can be anytime activated or deactivated from the backend panel.

3. The store admin allows the store merchant to block the user/bot by IP, country, or user-agent depending upon their site requirements with Magento spam IP blocker extension by Knowband.

4. Magento Block Bot module supports is multi-lingual compatibility.

5. With Magento Block User/bot by User Agent Extension, admin can easily stop any suspicious threats and malware on their online eCommerce site without doing any code changes.

6. Admin can block a particular IP or a range of IP address using the Block by IP functionality of Magento Block User/bot by IP plugin.

7. The admin interface of Magento spam IP blocker is feature-rich and easily customizable which allows the admin to quickly create or remove the block on the suspected users.

8. With the help of Magento Ip Spam Blocker Addon, the website admin can display a custom message on the frontend of the restricted users which can be further changed from the backend settings.

9. The Block by Country functionality of Magento Block User/bot by country extension lets website admin block the users of a specific country from viewing their product or content where they want to hide their store product and services.

10. Magento Block User/bot by IP plugin gives the admin the flexibility to show header and footer content to the blocked users of the website.

11. With the help of Magento Ip Spam Blocker extension, admin can configure and manage the unblocking message requests sent by the banished users. In case the user is real and was mistakenly blocked, then they can remove the ban by approving their unblock request.

12. The Block by User Agent functionality of Magento Block User/bot by User Agent Extension lets the admin block a particular user agent like  Chrome, Mozilla, Bingbot, MSN bot, Facebook, and others.

Benefits to the Store Merchants

1. Magento block user/bot by IP, country or user agent extension allows you control and restrict the malicious activities by the spammers and protects the confidential data of the customers from being utilized by the automated bots for malicious purposes.

2. The rich and fully-customizable admin panel of Magento Block User Extension lets the admin implement block bot functionality out of three options as per their desires.

3. Magento Block User module allows you to view and edit the list of blocked IPs of users and lets you manage all unblock customer requests from a single place at the backend of blocker module.

4. Magento block user/bot by IP, country or user agent extension guards your Magento website against unwanted and malicious threats coming through bad bots and users.

5. While enhancing the store experience for the users, Magento spam blocker extension also ensures that no genuine user is restricted from entering the store.

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