Poor SOPs can lead to negative reviews in eCommerce business

Negative reviews can be detrimental to an eCommerce brand. Such reviews eventually impact the brand image and credibility of a product or a company in the market and quickly lead to a shrinking customer base.

OpenCart Mobile App Builder: New Version (v1.9)

Excited for Black Friday? Of course, you are but hold on because KnowBand has some big plans for this Black Friday. KnowBand introducing new version (1.9) of OpenCart Mobile App Builder extension. The OpenCart Mobile App Maker extension provides some amazing functionalities on the app. KnowBand’s OpenCart Mobile App Builder extension is a ready-made framework which delivers Android & iOS app for your online store. It keeps store admin away from all the coding and programming task. Sounds amazing right? Yes, it is because we at KnowBand do all the coding part so that you don’t have to. There is no need to manage the store inventory manually because live automatic synchronization functionality update all the website changes on the app including categories, products, payment methods, etc. Online shoppers can access the mobile app in any handheld devices whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.

[Webinar] Expanding future mobile commerce with Magento PWA Studio


We at CedCommerce are glad to invite learners and techies at our webinar on "Expanding future mobile commerce with Magento PWA Studio." This will be held on October 15, 2019 at 11:00 EST. Come and learn the vitality of the mobile web and enhance yourself with a smoother web experience.

Accelerate the way you Sell this Amazon Prime Day 2019!

Accelerate the way you Sell this Amazon Prime Day 2019!

The summers are here and once again, the countdown for the Amazon Shopping sale has begun! The dates are announced and this 2019, the Amazing Amazon Prime Day sale falls on 15th -16th July.