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Gift Card 1.2 for Magento 2 by Aheadworks is Released

Recently Aheadworks released a new version of the Gift Card extension for Magento 2 stores. Gift Card 1.2 enables admins to use gift codes from the backend, allows them to export and import gift codes, and create original alphanumeric codes easily.

The update of the extension includes the next new features:

  • Gift card codes application from the backend;
  • Gift codes import;
  • Gift codes export;
  • New ‘Type” attribute for gift codes;
  • Gift card code pools;
  • Gift codes patterns;
  • Custom message fields enabling/disabling.

Gift Card 1.2 for Magento 2

The opportunity to add gift card codes to orders in the backend appears with the newly created Apply Gift Card Code field on order pages. Now, Magento admins are able to apply gift codes from the backend and this way motivate new customers to purchase more or give thanks to loyal shoppers for their fidelity.

The export functionality is useful in those cases when Magento admins would like to sort, filter, and segment gift codes outside of Magento or need to use them in some other applications, like MailChimp for example.

The import functionality is indispensable in the case when someone needs to migrate gift codes from other stores, including Magento 1 installations, or to move from some 3rd-party gift card applications.

Gift card code pools available with the latest update of the extension allow creating separate groups of gift codes for different gift card products, customer groups, or particular occasions.

Multiple gift code patterns allow creating original alphanumeric codes and make them distinctively different and recognizable for both admins and customers.

Detailed Information

Detailed information on the latest update is available on the product page of the extension, in the User Manual, or dedicate blog post. Customers can also try the extension in action in the demonstration stores.

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