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MerchantSuite activates Apple Pay one touch payments for the contact centre

imageLeading payments platform MerchantSuite announced the introduction of Apple Pay to its Payment Request service which is set to revolutionise the way Contact Centres accept payments.

Customers can now pay on their iPhone, iPad or Mac in seconds instead of minutes. Apple Pay is now available on MerchantSuite Payment Request. The fastest way to accept payments in your Contact Centre.

MerchantSuite is an omni-channel payment gateway powered by Premier Technologies, Australia's leading payments technology company whose platform is used by over 32,000 businesses worldwide, processing over 120 million payments per year.

MerchantSuite provides a complete toolbox of ready-to-use PCI DSS compliant solutions for your Web, Mobile, Subscription, Contact Centre and IVR channels to drive consistent and seamless customer experience.

Accepting Apple Pay is simple with Touch ID, or just double-click the side button and glance at your iPhone X to authenticate with Face ID to make secure card payments in person or online.

MerchantSuite has now changed the game for customers who make payments over the phone by incorporating the ease, security and speed of Apple Pay into its already customer-friendly Payment Request solution. The Payment Request solution, developed in conjunction with international banking partners in 2012, enables a business to send a PCI DSS compliant secure link via SMS or email to a customer. The customer simply enters their card details to complete the payment, while the Contact Centre agent monitors the progress in real time without access to the card details. Now with Apple Pay customers no longer need to enter their card details, slashing the payment part of a call by over 60 seconds.

MerchantSuite Payment Request with Apple Pay includes the following:

  • Contact Centre staff pre-fill the invoice and amount, then send customers a secure link to a hosted payment page with multiple options, including Apple Pay.
  • Customers choose Apple Pay and use their fingerprint to verify and process the payment in seconds.
  • Contact Centre staff can monitor the entire payment process in real-time or check the status at a later time.
  • Customers see the completed payment receipt on their screen and can choose to email or SMS themselves a copy of the receipt
    MerchantSuite. Payment Request also operates in bulk mode, allowing businesses to send secure links to thousands of customers. Perfect for reminding customers that a payment deadline is coming up or following up late payers.

With MerchantSuite, organisations of all sizes can now offer the ultimate payment experience to Apple users. This revolutionary breakthrough has changed the game in payment solutions cutting processing time from minutes to seconds, enabling Contact Centres to process payments faster while maintaining the highest standards in customer experience and PCI DSS compliance.

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