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B2B eCommerce promises great action and increased opportunities in 2019


B2B eCommerce will see a great deal of action in 2019, but businesses that won’t adapt may be in for some severe existential crises.

The year 2019 might as well be called the turning point for B2B Commerce. A staggering 76% of consumer brand manufacturers will be increasing their spending in B2B. Those who aren’t stepping up and rising to the opportunities will likely face extremely tough times ahead.

All this, and more, were among the key findings of the Profitero-Insights survey of over 200+ ecommerce professionals and analysis of over 7,000 LinkedIn profiles.

One of the best things that the survey uncovered was the maturity of brand manufacturers in terms of their level of skills and confidence in their own ability to tackle the increasingly complex world of ecommerce. Some 66% of the respondents label themselves as Advanced level, Expert level or even Leader level in ecommerce. (The same figure was 47% in a similar survey last year.)

This increase, while quite heartening, still shows the remaining 34% have a lot of catching up to do.  “I think it’s almost like touch-and-go this year; if your business fails to dedicate resources for ecommerce, you’re going to have a very tough 2019,” says Kaartik Iyer CEO of Infigic, a company into B2B ecommerce development & mobile apps. “I’m sure once businesses see the tremendous opportunities ahead and understand how easy it is to grow business online, they will change rapidly.”

Businesses are committing bigger and specialized teams to for ecommerce. The survey revealed that the number of people with ecommerce job title grew from 3,863 (2017) to 7070 (2018), representing a massive 83% growth.

“Once you get a technology platform built by ecommerce experts, your teams find it very easy to drive your growth.” points out Iyer, whose firm offers end-to-end solutions for ecommerce, from web design and app development to digital marketing and ecommerce security.

The survey also highlighted the fact that ecommerce organizations are capitalizing on outsourcing services and focusing on doing what they do best, namely running and growing their own business. An impressive 66% of respondents said they are engaging services of outside agencies.

Interestingly, 51% of the brands reported measuring ecommerce performance as a top challenge.

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