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Nike uses Facebook Messenger Augmented Reality to sell Sneakers. Sells out in less than a hour


Nike is weaving a new story for being the first Social commerce success case study. First being the Air Jordan Snapchat Sellout and then the with Facebook Messenger’s platform. Amongst all the retailers, Nike has seen maximum success in the social selling space - a channel which all retailers are looking upon.

Nike used Facebook Messenger’s beta AR run which lead to sell out of shoes on the platform in less than hour of the launch.

“Nike has set an example of how retailers are embracing Augmented Reality as part of their Growth strategy.  Augmented Reality gives a visual shopping experience to customers that would drive high conversions and growth”.  Says Kaartik Iyer, Founder of Infigic, a technology company working with ecommerce companies & retailers globally in helping them developing with Augmented Reality app development.

How did Nike launch the campaign ?

Nike asked the users to enter a series of emojis in the Facebook Messenger Chatbot which was distributed by Nike’s Social Media Influencers. Once they would enter the emojis they would be able to access “Kyrie 4 red carpet”  AR experience with the featured shoes. Upon exit, the users were given an opportunity to purchase the shoe.

Nike’s focus on the Sneaker category has paid off the returns. Both the campaigns of Nike’s were focussed on Sneaker category, which comes out with limited editions to generate demand among the strong fan based they have which is obsessive about the brand and is ready to shell out extra money for unique shoe models.

The sneaker market has seen celebrity endorsements making the Brand and the Product models more popular amongst the Millenials. Nike has partnered up with Popular basketball player Kyrie Irving which added to the success of the event.

Apart from Nike, Beauty Retailer Sephora also joined in the beta trial of Facebook Messenger Platform but no reports have been shared about the success of their trial.

Beauty as a category has been also pretty hot with many retailers launching their Augmented Reality apps. However, most of the AR apps in the beauty space are generally geared more towards making making makeup virtually rather than purchase of a product.

In 2019, we would see a lot of retailers embracing Augmented Reality and putting AR into mainstream shopping experience.

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