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The sudden rise in the demand of online shopping has led to the advancement of the eCommerce industry every day. People from all over the world are more attracted to shopping from their smartphones just by sitting in their comfort zones. This also helps consumers to explore a wide variety of products to choose from and go for the purchase.

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Prestashop Affiliate and Referral program addon is an advanced marketing module that presents a comprehensive solution for your website and helps gaining customer loyalty. Not just helps you deploy loyalty, these affiliate marketing programs on your PrestaShop store are quick and easy at implementation. You dont require much knowledge about marketing to use it as Prestashop Affiliates module will itself do the rest for you.

New Update: Booking and Rental System now Compatible with Multi-vendor Marketplace & Mobile App Builder

What better place will be than a Marketplace to offer products online? We all have witnessed the massive growth of Amazon in the past years. It became one of the biggest online product marketplaces. That’s for physical/virtual products. But, are you aware of Well, it is a booking and rental marketplace which allows multiple sellers to list their online booking & rental products like a hotel, appointment, event, daily rent, hourly rent, etc.

CedCommerce improves User Experience with Shopify’s Kit Skill

CedCommerce’s developers have automated the Product Import process of its Etsy Marketplace Integration App with Shopify’s Kit Skill. This is to ensure that the clients can import products from their Shopify store to the app without even having to log in to the app’s panel. This can help them further to sell on Etsy easily. This successful attempt has made the process easier and automatic.

Knowband Prestashop Social Messenger - Best Messaging App for your Business

Why social messaging is important for businesses, have you ever thought? Since after the launch of Facebook messenger, a lot of merchants have been trying to build up and grow their connection with their clients or users. Online users spend majority of their time on social media so for store owners it is perfect way to quickly get in touch with them.

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As every day passes by, technology is striving towards huge success and growth. This huge success has led to the rise of the eCommerce industry that has changed the way of living life of individuals on the globe. Today, people can do whatever they want in a short span of time. One of the most advanced and convenient processes provided by the eCommerce industry is the process of online shopping. Today, consumers can buy their favorite products after exploring a wide variety of products online. And, this all could be done just by sitting at their comfort zones.

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Online marketplaces are an easy way for the store admin for selling products on a huge scale. It’s numerous functionality to sellers makes it the most demanding way of business in an eCommerce industry. Online marketplaces transfer the stress of maintaining inventories, logistics, and pricing to the sellers due to which many small business owners are looking forward to converting themselves as a marketplace owner.

MakeWebBetter Shares Last Minute Tips For BFCM Marketing For Better Results!

Its’ holiday carnival time. Along with shoppers, marketers have also pulled up their socks for the holiday season. After analyzing all unfavorable and favorable situations that might affect their holiday strategy they are ready to enter into the competition. Here the online marketers that provide a stable user experience hold a 99% chance of a conversion. But… if you count in the group of marketers who haven’t strategized, planned out the workflows, analyzed last year’s performance, and the main target for holiday season 2019. No Need To Worry! MakeWebBetter has shared the minute tips & tricks that can benefit that last-minute lazybones to acquire pessimistic results. So go through it to make the most from the biggest holiday shopping days i.e. Black Friday & Cyber Monday!

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Thinking about selling your products on Etsy. Etsy is a professional seller community that deals in the online trading of handmade products and vintage items. Artisans and craftsmen have a perfect opportunity to showcase their creativity at a global level. So, if you are an artist or a craftsman, then you can easily sell your products at Etsy and earn a huge chunk of profits.

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The overwhelming demand of online shopping has led to the huge success of the eCommerce industry as it has provided comfort to millions of consumers. Online shopping is the reason behind the huge success of the eCommerce industry as now consumers can easily buy their favorite products just by sitting at their homes. Customers can explore a wide range of varieties and helps customers save their time and energy both.

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Its been a long time since that eCommerce industry is serving millions of consumers all over the world. Consumers can fulfill their daily needs and essentials just by sitting in their comfort zones. It also helps consumers to explore a wide variety of products from thousands of customers selling from different corners of the world. Marketplaces are one of the most popular websites as they provide each and everything on a single platform that makes it popular and trustworthy too.

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The huge involvement of modern advancements in the daily lives of individuals has led to the rise of the eCommerce industry to a new milestone of success. The eCommerce industry gave us the most appropriate facility of purchasing products from our comfort zones (thanks to the internet) i.e Online Shopping. Since, everyone is looking forward to exploring the wide variety of products from all over the world, its high time that sellers have to make a profitable decision to increase their sales and profits to a high level.

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Google Shopping is a service provided by Google which displays the products of an online store on the search page of Google in the form of advertisements. Prestashop to Google Shopping Integration allows the users to search, view and compare the available products. Knowband created Prestashop Google Shopping Integration addon to run a shopping campaign which includes overall data feed, bid management, making bid adjustments by the user, time, device, etc.

Cedcommerce Unlocks the easiest way to sell on Catch Marketplace

Portland Oregon, October 14, 2019: Converting the manual methods of sellers selling on both Shopify store and Catch Marketplace into the automatic, hassle-free and quick method. Cedcommerce brings sellers the Shopify-Catch integration app which will help them to manage and sync which will help them to easily list & manage their products at Shopify on Catch Marketplace. Focusing on the ease of sellers, app widely helps in hassle-free products listing, real-time synchronization, automatic track/update product data, and inventory sync and update.