eCommerce Press Release Offers Australian Consumers Free Deals on Online Shopping!

Deals, deals, they are everywhere, and there is no shortage in sight soon. Yet again, another has cropped up on the scene, and by all indications, is on a campaign to save everyone.

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“We are a daily deal site with a difference, we offer free deals,” says Dale, who notes that within the space of eight weeks since their coming on the scene, some 85,000 supporters have joined the ranks.
Recent deals include:
•   Get the Latest iPhone Accessory and Eliminate 99% of Absorbed Radiation.
•   Designer Wrist Candy - Get the latest look with these highly durable Unisex Ceramic Sports Watches.
•   Lasika K-Sport Electronic Silicone Band Sports Watch
•   What is the babysitter doing? Covert spy camera.
•   ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM for your iPhone 4/4S
•   No charge? No problem! 5000mAh External Battery Pack for iPad, iPhone, Tablet PC, Camera.
“It’s been an amazing response,” adds Dale, adding that their people power campaign of is an initiative instigated by them in response to the market seeking better deals and  larger discounts.
According to Dale, they are on a campaign to save everyone.
He says their intent in doing so is to drive competition in the whole market place by simply giving  consumers, who joined, massive discounts that will save them money and time.
“Even if you’re not interested in joining another deal site,” argues Dale, “just go to your existing deal site and say, "I’ve been offered this product at this discount, can you match it?”
Additional deals on offer include:
•   Sparkle like Royalty with this FREE 8mm Genuine Swarovski Solitaire Pendant
•   Sports Arm Band for iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy SII
•   Be a Diva... Blind them with Night Clubber Bling!
•   6 IN 1 SOLAR POWERED ROBOT KIT - Your young scientist will learn about solar power and the benefits of renewable energy
With their aim being to drive a people power campaign to save everyday Australians, aged 15-55, thousands of dollars, Dale says the campaign is one big club of like-minded supporters, 80 per cent of which are women., the daily deal website offering massive discounts, has also gone a step further and has created an exclusive list of VIP supporters to whom "free deals" are offered.
For further information on the’s consumer power deals, please visit the following website:

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