eCommerce Press Release

Design’N’Buy launches Print Commerce 3.0 and revamped UI/UX for better functionality and customer experience

Design’N’Buy releases 3.0 version of PrintCommerce with a completed new UI/UX for a refreshing look and feel enhancing user experience and functionality.

PrintCommerce 3.0 is restructured and rearchitected based on the feedback received from the customers and trying to incorporate new and user-centric design. Some of the notable improvements made in the version 3.0 are

  • New UX/UI for completely mobile responsive design studio allowing users to design products anytime and anywhere. Orders can also be placed with the mobile compatible design studio without worrying about switching devices for designing and ordering.
  • Administration panel for store owners has been modified to give them a detailed breakup of new products, designs and orders in terms of dashboards.
  • New features like support for wide format products, Ajax based quick search in admin panel, finer product personalization controls and support for solid or patterns based color pallets for artwork decoration are introduced looking to change in printing business aesthetics.
  • The integration is further simplified with API/Web service structure.

The new version of PrintCommerce is available for customers from 9th September 2018 worldwide. The new version can be experienced by PSPs irrespective of technologies they are working with. 

Talking about the features, Nidhi Agarwal, CTO, Design’N’Buy said, “We want our customers to experience best of the features with ease and thus, strive to provide better versions everytime.