eCommerce Press Release

SynapseIndia achieved new milestone in Magento 2 development

SynapseIndia announced that the company has attained a new programming feat through the delivery of thousands of Magento 2 eCommerce websites and has now set an new record in the world of Magento development. With a team of Magento certified developers and experts, the company has built various online stores using the enterprise-class development platform Magento 2. eCommerce websites built on Magento 2 significantly benefit businesses with attractive features like a captivating UI and a seamless user experience.

eCommerce website developers at SynapseIndia use the Magento 2 cloud commerce platform to create an impressive shopping experience for the end users. The company offers an array Magento development services, including Magento website design, payment gateway management, Magento extension development, and SEO services, to name a few.

These services, combined with others, have helped the clients reach a wider arena of the shopping experience -- covering dimensions like mobile and email.

SynapseIndia strategically manages the Magento 2 development services.