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Click, Play and Win: Knowband Magento Spin and Win Extension

Spin and Win game is one popular kind of interactive and responsive gaming element which can be added on the front interface of the website. Whoever comes into your website, or intends to leave the website can play this spin wheel game in order to obtain the most out from the store. Knowband's Spin and Win for Magento is a great eCommerce tool which allows customers to try their luck in winning spin wheel discounts. Whatever the customers win on the store, like some discount, shipping or delivery offers or no offer sometimes can be availed in the future purchase from the store.


What does it feel like when you start treating your customers as celebrities? Nothing is more important for store owners other than their happy customers. Right? It's not only about growing the customer for the online brand.

The customer trust and their loyalty is one major aspect of eCommerce today. With numerous benefits by Magento Spin and Win or email subscription popup, you can compel your customers to play and earn more on your store.

Let's see what are various amazing features offered by this Magento Spin and Win extension from Knowband.

1. Three Popup Functionality: Magento Interactive pop up extension serves as 3 in 1 popup which means that the site admin can utilize this fun-filled popup module as entry popup, exit popup or email subscription popup. As soon as the customer enters to your store, this spin win popup is displayed, When they intend to leave the site, wheelio interface is displayed and the customers have to provide their email address for playing the game so it also serves as an email subscription or newsletter subscription popup.

2. Codeless Implementation: Knowband is aware of the fact that most of the website owners do not possess coding knowledge. Therefore they have offered an extension which requires codeless implementation and zero source code modifications.

The site admin has to simply follow the Magento Spin and Win user manual in order to install and configure it for their store.

3. Show or Hide Effortlessly: The pullout tab features of Magento Spin Wheel extension is most flexible options provided to customers using which the customers can hide the newsletter subscription  wheelio popups and can later see the same interface if they wish to play some other time.

4. Email Rechecking: With email recheck feature of Magento Exit Intent Pop up, no user can be offered spin and win benefit more than one time. This features of spin and win module checks that the customer is not provided coupon code more than one time.


5. Fun-filled and Responsive Experience: You also get an option to add fireworks and wheel sounds in the background of Magento Spin and Win pop up so as to attract and appeal more customers towards the store. Such animations and sound effects serve as a kind of motivation and impart a shopping spirit among the visitors.


6. Customizable User Form: The fields shown over the spin and win interface for Magento contains custom fields as fixed by the admin. Like they can mark specific user information fields as mandatory if they require for their store.

7. Include CSS and JS Code: Sometimes, the e-merchant might require to include CSS and JS code to improve the frontend functionalities. With Magento Newsletter subscription Popup extension, admin gets an option to add custom CSS and JS code from the back-office.

8. Set Visibility: You have full control over the visibility of Magento Spin and Win pop up. Like you can choose the customer group to whom the popup will be shown.

You can set the geolocation where this subscription popup will be displayed. You can also fix when this entry-exit popup will be shown to the frontend users.


9. Create a Personalized Spin Wheel: The complete look and feel of the spin wheel can be configured. The admin can make font color changes, wheel changes and the interface background changes using the color picker tool at the back-office of Magento Spin Wheel extension.


10. Decide Spin and Win Prizes: Magento Interactive pop-up extension allows the admin to choose the prize associated with each of the wheel slices which include discount type, discount value, and gravitation value associated to each spin wheel slice.


11. Boost Newsletter Subscriptions: Mailchimp and Klaviyo are the two email marketing integrations supported by this Knowband's Magento Spin and Win extension. Admin has to configure the API key and the list associated with the seller account to which all the customer email will be synced automatically.


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