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Notch Quick Sales with Knowband's Prestashop One Click Checkout Addon

Feeling the importance of checkout, Knowband has offered Prestashop One Click Checkout addon (1-Click Checkout) to facilitate simple and easy shopping for users. The addon functions by simply adding a Buy Now button corresponding to every product page of the store.


Checkout is the final phase of product purchase on an eCommerce website. Every e-merchant is conscious and worried about this step as this is the actual stage where the potential customers are converted into leads and revenue is generated for the website.

No matter, how well your product page, category page, checkout page or homepage is. New customers always rely upon the look, layout and navigation experience of the checkout page.

So why not to make the checkout smooth and direct to land for the customers.The customers do not have to face any checkout hassles and they are straightway landed to the checkout page of the site. Store merchants can even add the supercheckout functionality to their store which replaces the default 5-6 step long checkout process with a single page checkout.

By integrating both Prestashop One Click Checkout and Prestashop One Page Checkout to your store, you can increase the sales and conversions in a considerable manner.

How customers behave towards the checkout process?

One Step Checkout or Direct Checkout process that basically accumulates the information of five-six pages on a single page. Checkout complexity is the first thing the customer experiences and thereby make them exit from the store.

Whenever the user is about to shop something they first look at the complexity of the checkout and the time it will consume to complete. So the first priority is to avoid complexity and generate a simple and quick checkout for the customers.

Prestashop One Click Checkout in eCommercimagee

imagePrestashop One click (Single click) checkout facilitates quick and fast checkout for the customer when they are about to buy a single product on the store. By performing single item purchase, admin need not modify their existing cart items.

Using Prestashop Quick Checkout Addon, this Direct checkout button i.e Buy Now button can be incorporated to all Product pages, clicking on which will directly take the user to the checkout page with only the current product in the cart.Top Benefits of Prestashop Fast Cart Checkout Addon

1. Hassle-free 1-Click Checkout
Even if you have to purchase a single product on the website, use One Click Checkout Addon and eliminate out all the multiple steps involved in between. With one click checkout reach directly to the checkout page in no time with a direct button.  



2. Reduced Loading Time
No efforts or page reloads are involved in the single click checkout process. With Prestashop Instant Checkout addon, the customer is directly landed to the supercheckout page without landing other pages of the website.

So they can easily complete the checkout for a single product without any cart modifications.


3. Less Abandoned Carts
Usually, a customer irritates when they have to modify the complete cart in order to buy a single product. Prestashop Easy and Fast Checkout addon eliminates the cart rework and allows the customers to quickly checkout for single item.

Hence you can decrease the abandoned cart rates using Prestashop One Click Checkout Addon

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