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Wooden Street Splashes Style with Topping of Comfort Via 6 seater dining sets

6 seater dining table sets are a must-have when you have a full-fledged family to serve together. But who aspires for subtle furniture when the love of interior decor is rising day by day? That is why Wooden Street has six-seater dining sets that have been forged with so many designs and functionality. Some of them are mentioned below:

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At a Glance!

Start-Up: Wooden Street

Founders: Lokendra Ranawat, Virendra Ranawat

Year It was Founded: 2015

Location: Udaipur

Section: Furniture E-Commerce

Unique Selling Point: Custom Made Furniture

Designs of Dining Sets

The designs of chairs and table of a dining set depict to the theme that the furniture set belongs to. Therefore, below are some designs that Wooden Street holds:

Intricate Pattern of Dining Set

The intricate pattern is one such exemplary to how finely can furniture be carved with detailing. Just like Cambrey, 6 Seater Cushioned Dining Set which holds finely forged intricate patterns on the entire 6 seater dining set.

Traditional Dining Set

Wooden Street holds 6 seater dining table sets which are complete epitomes of traditionally carved furniture.

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6 seater dining table with bench such as Alanis 6 Seater Dining Set with Bench is one such furniture that is carved with legs and patterns that are inspired by the traditional aura. It is also forged with a bench along with the set to add comfort to the same.

Modern Dining Set

Wooden Street has 6 seater dining table sets which are designed to compliment the dinette of the present day. These are fabricated with subtle styles that are an inspiration of a modern-day home. Just like Janet 6, Seater Dining Table Set is made keeping note of the same.

Summation of Comfort

Wooden Street has six seater dining table sets which are carved to facilitate more comfort to the existing with additional features. These features are mentioned below:

Upholstered Dining Set

There is a dining table with 6 chairs that are upholstered from head to toe such as Jeor Six Seater Dining Set. The seats of this dining table for 6 has upholstery on the back and the seat which makes it comfortable and astounding in appeal.

Extendable Dining Set

6 seater extendable dining table set is one of the most functional furniture that Wooden Street has launched. This dining table set is capable of accommodating 8 people in furniture for 6. It can extend itself to a length that raises its capacity for more seating.

6 seater extendable dining set such as Advin 6 Seater Extendable Dining Set is one such dining set from Wooden Street which can be supportive during any contingency.

Foldable Dining Set

Foldable dining set such as Canova 6 Seater Family Dining Table Set from Wooden Street is the most miraculous 6 seater dining table set.

The dining table of this set is one that can fold itself to a small portable table that is extremely easy to carry.

You can contact Wooden Street at 91-9314444747 and avail the readily available customer service to serve you 24*7.

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