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Why your website needs Knowband's Prestashop Accelerated Mobile Pages Addon?

Create Accelerated Mobile Pages for your eCommerce website seamlessly with Prestashop AMP Addon by Knowband. To improve mobile browsing and SERPs, Google AMP provides the best way to deliver an intuitive interface to online users. No more pain in browsing through the desktop site. Allow customers to enjoy the custom and tailored shopping experience through smartphones and tablets. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) Addon allows e-merchants to feature Twitter and Instagram feeds on the mobile pages which adds another value to the eCommerce website.

When it comes from Google, it is always big and impressive. One such project launched by Google is Accelerated Mobile Pages or simply AMP.

Hearing about Google Accelerated Mobile Pages was much exciting but store owners had to actually think of the way to create an AMP website. The eCommerce websites are usually slow and chunky, more a kind of non-optimized website.

So, in order to speed up the page performance, creating Accelerated Mobile Pages becomes essential. This means online users will get better UX and higher mobile ranking when they are accessing AMP website.


This post highlights the benefits of Prestashop Accelerated Mobile Pages Addon. So lets quickly dig in.

#1 Boosts Loading Speed of Website

When you run an eCommerce store, it is essential to improve page performance. Without displaying any useless site elements, AMPs offer a lean, slick, fast and responsive interface to the mobile users.

A user is there on the site to shop conveniently without added efforts so giving them an enjoyable browsing experience is obvious. So don't make them wait, AMPs guarantees a high burst of visitors.

#2 Improve Mobile Ranking

It cant be assumed that AMP is only a ranking factor by itself but it greatly impacts the mobile ranking of any eCommerce site because of its instant loading time. A faster loading time enhances the browsing experience of the customers.

Potentially, if Google starts prioritizing AMPs, then it will start positively impacting over SERPs.

#3 Affects Server performance

Talking about an eCommerce website, a huge amount of user traffic is always concentrated because of a high number of online shoppers. The site load caused due to tons of mobile traffic impacts site performance.

To improve the performance, AMP is implemented which certainly reduces the overall load over server hence improving the site usability and speed measures.

Is AMP offers a responsive design?
Whatever is the type of website, it should be mobile responsive. This factor is importantly required as most of the online users are accessing the website through a mobile or tablet device.

In fact, Google also recommends that a website should be mobile responsive causing faster load speed, better UX, and lower bounce rate. The high responsive of a website creates possibilities for mobile first indexing with much-accelerated website performance speed.

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