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Use of the Praadis Education App (Pie) improves future employability.

The use of the PIE App has long-term benefits – its engaging content and learning modules create a motivated and critically-forward thinking individual. It basically teaches how to learn and promotes holistic development of an individual. These skills are wholly necessary in the job market and highly sought after by companies the world over.

Praadis Institute of Education is a nextgen Edtech startup that focuses on personalized and gamified learning utilizing AI, VR, and AR technologies.  The PIE app has multiple learning modules that not just teach the concept but motivate the student to learn and excel because of gamification. 

The interesting part of this is the long-term effect of gamification – it is shown in multiple research studies that gamification actually changes the emotional connection that a student has to his studies.  The student becomes engaged and motivated to learn instead of viewing studies as an obligation or chore. 

Eventually with practice our design implicitly teaches students how to learn. Learning is a truly immersive process – to master any subject one must learn the theory and then gain practical experience first-hand of the subject matter. 

Our students will master their course material because of the design of the subject matter.  Modules like story-telling sessions, 3D videos, and AR games give students the opportunity to explore and apply concepts.

This process naturally lets inquisitiveness take over and ultimately it is this eagerness to learn that is the foundation for all future academic successes. This type of learning prepares students for life. 

And this is the crux of the matter – these learning skills are life-altering and change the long-term projection of someone’s life personally and professionally. 

These learning skills are also highly-sought by companies. People with a growth mindset who are willing to learn, willing to work with others, take ownership of tasks, and have a creative bent of mind are assets. 

These individuals grow and learn and help their companies grow and learn at the same time.  So, clearly these individuals are in demand and this teaching method is effective.

Edtech devices such as PIE should be at the front of everyone’s mind when they are searching for a school or coaching centre to attend.  The PIE App is a step-ahead of its competition in course design and functionality. 

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