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Attractive Multivendor Marketplace Extension with loaded features

Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Opencart And Magento: This Brilliant Plugin will convert your e-commerce store into a Multi-Vendor Marketplace with separate seller product collection and seller order management.

On any eCommerce website, the customer comes and buys products from the website which website owner has listed from their side. In this type of structure, the business is B2C(Business 2 Customer Only) only.

Where the administration of the website is the owner that allows sellers products on the website and the customer buys it.

There are a number of open-source the eCommerce platform that is known as CMS(Content Management System) in the market which makes it easy for admin to manage the whole process of admin i.e administrator doesn’t have to write code to sell products.

Admin must have some technical Knowledge but coding is not important in here. He just has to use the predefined functionality of the CMS which makes it easy for admin to Sell and manage products.

There are two most widely used CMS in the eCommerce Industry Knows as Magento and Opencart. Using these 2 CMS admin has more control over Sales, Orders, Payments, etc.

Just install the CMS on your server and start listing the products on the website. In here admin must have to buy Domain, Hosting, Installation of CMS, etc.

Then comes the other part where Admin just wants to be intermediate between Sellers and Customers i.e. Admin creates the whole platform and then comes the seller which asks admin that they want to sell their products on their website.

Seller doesn’t want to indulge in any website making and installation of Magento, Opencart on the server and all. The seller has some limited products or can also have a thousand or lakhs of products but just want to sell their products on famous e-commerce websites.

Here comes the Need of Purpletree Multivendor, Which makes it possible with a vast number of features.

Purpletree Multivendor for  Make an Inquiry about this newsMagento Make an Inquiry about this news and Opencart offers tons of features that make it possible for any website owner to register as a seller on the website and start selling products right away, no need to create any website, purchase server for hosting, and tons of other technical things. All is the responsibility of the Admin who has to create a website using Opencart or Magento as explained above.

Then to add the functionality of Multivendor Marketplace. Just install Purpletree Marketplace for Opencart or Magento in your website.


Just by Installing Purpletree Multivendor admin website owner can convert their store into online shopping malls where the number of sellers are registered and can sell their products without the interference of anyone. Admin has only the responsibility of checking if the genuine sellers are there in its store.

Everything else i.e. sales and product part is the responsibility of the seller.  Admin will just get a commission from the sales as defined.

Both Magento and Opencart extension works for any theme and template. If any issue is encountered, it will be solved by our support team.

Some of the Common Features of Purpletree Multivendor Marketplace in Opencart and Magento


Admin Features

  • ·Set registration approval

·         Set vendor categories ·         View seller orders from admin panel ·         Assign products to a vendor ·         Manage seller orders ·         Manage seller reviews and ratings ·         Manage commission payable to admin on sellers' products ·         Manage enquiries made by customers for vendors ·         Commission data for sales ·         Payment settlement with sellers ·         Category, Seller and Global Commission Customer Features ·         Register as Seller ·         Order Split for the seller ·         Contact seller ·         Review and rating for the seller ·         View seller store page Seller Features ·         Seller Panel ·         Register as Seller ·         Manage Seller Profile ·         Manage Store Information ·         Add./Edit/Delete Products ·         View Orders ·         Process Order ·         View Store Reviews ·         View Commission and Payment records ·         Manage User enquires

Multi-vendor marketplace for Opencart Make an Inquiry about this news comes with some additional features which are the main reason that makes it the best selling Multivendor marketplace for Opencart from the past 3 years i.e 2017, 2018, 2019. It comes with top-notch features

  • ·Opencart Multi-Store is fully supported.
  • ·Subscription plans for sellers with online payments, invoices, plan upgrade/downgrade, automated reminders, and renewals.
  • ·Live Chat between Seller and Customer.
  • ·Bulk import by seller/admin.
  • ·Shipping based on country, zip code and weight, configurable by the seller.
  • ·Mobile API is available.
  • ·One the product can be sold by many sellers with Product Templates.
  • ·Direct payment to sellers while placing an order with Paypal adaptive payments.
  • ·All TPL based themes are also supported for OpenCart 3.x. Twig for 3.x and TPL for 2.3 were already supported earlier.
  • ·Many More…….

There are tons of features that cannot be just listed here. Just purchase the Purpletree Multivendor and get to know a lot of hidden features.


In Purpletree Multivendor in Opencart, there are some additional features. The seller can also subscribe to various subscription plans defined by admin.

This can boost the revenue of admin. It will be like permission to sell the number of products to the seller for a limited time or just by getting recurring payment from the seller.

Payments can be done manually means by offline mode where admin and seller can settle payments outside the system but must have to make an entry with a description of how they made payment. For each payment, Invoice is automatically generated by Purpletree multivendor.

Paypal Payment method is also integrated with the Purpletree Multivendor in Opencart where payment settlement can be done via Paypal.

Both Purpletree Multivendor Marketplace for Opencart and Magento gets the constant update and many more features are adding a daily to the extensions 


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