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Beautiful silver pearl rings collection for June born by Ornate Jewels

This press release speaks about Ornate Jewel’s exquisite ring designs in pearl with silver as its base metal. Get ready to be swooped off your feet with designs that are refreshing.

Pearl is symbolic of the wisdom that is attained through ages. Ironically, in a very short span of time, Ornate Jewels has established itself for having timeless designs in its evergreen silver pearl ring collection.

Ever since Biblical times, it is believed that a particular gemstone can have a potentially positive effect on a person born in a certain month of the Gregorian calendar. Even Hinduism demonstrates nine gemstones that astronomically typify a person’s luck.

Based on the strongest effect on a calendar month, gemstones were marked as birthstones for people born in that month. Pearl has been standardized as the birthstone of the June born

Significance of pearl

Wearing pearl jewelry is believed to have health benefits in curing stress, anger, anxiety, and insomnia. It brings emotional balance in a person’s life. Some cultures have faith that wearing this stone on the wedding day brings contentment in the marriage and strengthens the bond between the couple.

Significance of pearl when combined with silver

The benefits of pearl are brought about most when combined with silver. Individually, both have their own advantages. Astrologically, pearls symbolize purity, wealth and wisdom. And for people with a weak moon, the combination works as a healer.

Ornate preserves this culture in its contemporary jewellery

The silver white pearl ring are a must have ring collection for your jewellery box. These splendours are manufactured in single stone, dual stone, multi-stone and band rings. Alongside, American diamonds are added to enhance the aura of the rings. The collection includes rings that are shaped in the form of crown, heart, flower, leaf, swan and more. There is something for everyone’s taste. Beauty & uniqueness along with sophistication in art is the style at Ornate.

How have they designed it for multi-purpose uses?

The silver freshwater pearl ring designs are chic and present-day fashionable. From cocktail occasions to office wear and everyday regular use, the designer makes has taken care of all its customer kinds. The best thing that works in favor of Ornate is that Pearl is appropriate for women of all ages and is festive at all occasions. They sure know how to make the utmost use of this fact in their customer’s benefit. The band rings are suitable for regular wear or as promise rings. The royal designs will comfortably suit your party needs. The semi-geometric patterns can become your style statements. Moreover, you do not have to be colour conscious about your dress because this ornament compliments all shades.

Ring size:

Ring sizes offered in this online store range from 10 to 13. So, you can choose which finger you would want to put the beauty on. The guidelines to knowing your size is available in its website.

Stone size:
If you want to go for clustered stones, the smaller diameter in pearls are chosen in the design. For two stone or single studded patterns, bigger pieces of this gemstone are used. It is totally up to your taste in ornaments; all patterns are designed with equal precision, care and prettiness.

Pearl and silver manufactured at Ornate

Ornate uses freshwater pure pearls for its ornamental purposes. Freshwater mussels are inseminated to produce 20-40 pearls per shell. These gemstones are harvested in multiple sizes and with varying warmth in colour. This online store makes sure to select the best of these beauties. Just like real pearls, they are not artificially polished to have a smooth texture. The shine still remains gorgeous.

The silver is an alloy of 925g pure to 75gm copper per 1000 grams of the mixture, popularly called the sterling silver. Furthermore, it is polished with rhodium to exhibit additional gleam and protects it from tarnishing. This also makes sure that the metal does not irritate your skin, so you can wear your silver jewellery comfortably as long as you want.

It’s early June, so swoop in and buy your birthstone or gift a loved one on her birthday as a piece that will be remembered quite often by the wearer. Ornate has an ongoing offer of “buy one get one free” on its collection. Shop online with safety at Make an Inquiry about this news

About Ornate

Ornate Jewels is established as one of the leading online Jewellery store in India with Shelly Luthra as the sole proprietor and lead designer. It has an exquisite collection of sterling silver & gold plated silver jewellery and lab-curated gemstones like rubies, sapphires, American diamond and various other solitaires. With designs that are very exclusive and a state of the art craftsmanship, Ornate offers a collection that can serve good for both everyday wear as well as fancy occasional wear.

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