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Flat 30% OFF on One Page Checkout | Use SUPER30 | KnowBand

Looking for an affordable and feature-rich checkout solution? Shopping experience of online users is mainly based on the checkout of that particular online store. Checkout is the last step of the purchase funnel where customers are likable to face any kind of complications.

Control the cart abandonement rates effectively with Knowband’s One Page Checkout. Dont let your customers exit the store because of a long and complicated checkout.

Control the cart abandonement rates effectively with Knowband’s One Page Checkout. Dont let your customers exit the store because of a long and complicated checkout. 


Transform your site checkout into an optimized one with One Page Checkout. Steal the discount deal on Knowband or you will miss this last hours deal.

Use coupon code SUPER30 and get 30% OFF on One Page Checkout module. 

What all feature you will get with Knowband’s One Page Checkout addon?

Intuitive Page Design


Choice of Layouts: One Page Checkout module lets you set your own checkout structure for your business needs. You get the three checkout design options as 1-column, 2-column and 3-column.

Furthermore, after deciding the column size, you can choose which section appears where over the checkout form. 

Drag and Drop: The drag and drop feature helps you to re-position any block over one page checkout form. With One Page Checkout addon, you can drag and drop blocks anywhere on supercheckout form. 

Add Extra Checkout Fields: This simplified checkout module gives you an option to add as many extra fields in different sections of the checkout page. You can ask any detail from your customers through these custom fields.

You can add, delete or modify the existing custom fields as per your requirements.

Show/Hide any Fields: Quick checkout addon allows you to show/hide selected checkout fields on the checkout page. You can enable or disable the fields differently for your guest and logged in customers of the store. 

Fix Field Position: simplified checkout addon allows you to reorder the position of fields over the checkout form. Like, Phone Number can be placed just before First Name field etc. 

Mark optional fields: With one page checkout extension, you can mark any fields as optional or mandatory. For example, you can make the Phone Number field either optional or set it as required information.

Quick and Effortless Sign-In Methods


Social Login Availability: Quick checkout addon provides you social login options such as Facebook and Google. Let your customers quickly signin and complete their order through their social accounts.

For this, you have to set App Id and App Secret Key from the back-office. 

Guest Checkout: The guest checkout functionality of One Step Checkout Addon allows non-registered users of the store to complete their order. You can even generate a random password for the guest customers which is sent to their registered email.

This password can be used for accessing account in future. 

Default method at checkout: responsive one step checkout addon gives an option to set any method as default login method on the store. You can select any method as default out from three options as Login, Register and Guest.

Customize Checkout Look

Customize Checkout Buttons: One Step Checkout Addon helps you to configure the look and feel of one page checkout. You can style the front appearance as per your website theme with the help of color picker tool.

Modify all color settings from backend without touching the base code. 
Custom CSS and JS: One Page Checkout addon gives an option to add additional custom CSS style and JavaScript on the checkout page. This feature of One page checkout can be configured from back-office. 

Grow your customer base


MailChimp Integration Support: The inbuilt MailChimp integrator of One Step Checkout Addon helps you to capture all the customer email data to the connected Mailchimp account of the seller. 

Offer Newsletter Subscription: The captured email information of the customers through the MailChimp integration functionlaity of One Step Checkout addon, you can start promotional campaigns for your site.  

Smooth and User-Friendly Checkout


Geotargeting: With geotargetting feature of One Page Checkout, the user country is automatically detected and filled in the“Country field” provided at checkout form. The country is detected based on customer IP.

Google Address Autofill: This auto-fill feature of Supercheckout shows location recommendations as the shopper enters the first character into the location field. This feature works with the integration of Google Places Integration services for which Google API Key has to be configured from the back-office.

Ajax Based update: This one step checkout addon uses Ajax based Shopping cart updates so no more irritating page reloads would hamper your customers' shopping experiences. This Responsive one page checkout eases customers in updating cart information without investing time in unnecesary page loads. 

Show Cart summary: One Step Checkout addon displays complete cart summary along with the product image on the same supercheckout page. 

Quantity Update: The best thing about One Page Checkout is that it lets your customers update product quantity at the last moment. They can easily do that from the same checkout page.

By tapping the ‘+’ or ‘-’ buttons, they can update the product quantity as desired.

Configurable Payment and Shipping Methods


Multiple Shipping methods: The simplified checkout addon works with multiple shipping methods like FedEx, USPS, Webshipr and others.

Multiple Payment methods: This quick checkout extension works with any payment method like PayPal, Advanced Paypal Authorizeaim, Boleto, PayU, Strip, Sage Pay, Firstdata, Paysera, etc. If your Payment Method works with default checkout and not with Super Checkout, we will fix the same for FREE.

Set Default Method: This quick checkout addon gives you the ability to set which delivery and payment method should be selected by default for customers.

Change Shipping/Payment method name or image: one page checkout module allows admin to change shipping/payment methods name or thumbnail image easily without any change in the code. The responsive checkout addon even allows the admin to have a simplified name for your payment method and give it a nice logo image.

Ship2pay Feature: Using this feature of one step checkout module, the admin can disable payment methods based upon customer shipping method selection. That is, the admin can map some particular payment options with some particular Shipping options on the store.

Customizable Address Fields


Sort address fields: The admin can also manage sorting of all address fields using drag and drop feature offered in this fast checkout addon. Just drag and drop a field to take it to the desired position in the form.

Address Field Layout: simplified checkout addon allows admin to change the address fields layout from 1-column to 2-column. For example, fields like First name & last name can be shown in a single row, country & state in a single row etc. 

Inline Validation with error messages: Our one page checkout module offers inline validation feature which shows proper error message along with tick and cross sign so that customers can quickly identify their mistakes while filling the form.
Save Address: The save address feature over Supercheckout page helps customers in saving their address for future reference. Once saved, they don't require to refill the information into the address fields, everything gets automatically done.



Free Products: Our responsive one step checkout addon is compatible with free products. This Responsive one page checkout addon has the feature which doesn't show payment methods if there are free products in the cart.

Virtual/Digital Products: This responsive one step checkout addon is compatible with virtual/digital products. In a case of only virtual products in the cart, this fast checkout addon doesn't show shipping methods and can also hide delivery address form automatically to show only invoice address form. 

Customizable products: This One Page Checkout Extension is also compatible with customizable products and shows complete cart information with all customization details along with an option to change added product quantity or to remove it completely from the cart.

Multi-lingual Support: Our Quick checkout addon is compatible with multi-lingual support feature. This means that module can be configured in various languages like English, French, Spanish, etc.

SEO and SSL Compatible: Our One Step Checkout Addon is compatible with SEO URL structure which means it can be used if SSL is enabled on the website.

Mobile Responsive: Quick checkout addon is fully mobile responsive and compatible with all devices and browsers.

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