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Influence Customer Purchase Journey to Boost your E-Commerce Store Traffic

Boost your E-Commerce Store Traffic

Owning an online store seems very profitable as e-commerce sales are exploding. An increasing number of consumers are shopping online. In 2019, over 1.92 Billion consumers worldwide bought goods and services online. Surely just reading this statistic, you might have begun thinking that e-commerce stores are a cash cow.

With half the population purchasing products and services online, it has to be good news for e-commerce stores, right?

Well, it is not that simple as this has lead to an increase in choices for consumers. And getting their attention and driving traffic to your site has become a herculean task!

Moreover, the e-commerce business is very dynamic as consumer behavior is always changing. The store has to update its strategies along with consumer behavior. Before learning about how to influence the customer’s purchase journey, let’s understand their buying behavior.

What is Buying Behavior?

Buying behavior consists of a consumer’s approach, objective and their decisions when shopping for a product.

E-commerce Customer Shopping Behavior  Steps Consideration

The customer already has a few brands in their brain, either consciously or subconsciously from social media and ads. These advertisements hold a lot of significance when a customer is carrying out an ‘impulse buy’.

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