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New Release: OpenCart PWA Mobile App Extension Is Officially Out Now

With Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce getting more & more popularity in retail industry and online commerce. PWA for eCommerce are one of the finest and trendy shopping app among worldwide mobile shoppers. Across different countries, various online eCommerce store firms have introduced their PWA Mobile Apps & got benefited a lot from them. Don’t just go by our words, check Amazon, Alibaba etc. for reference.


To bring the advantages of Progressive Web Apps for OpenCart eCommerce community, KnowBand has launched a new automated & feature-rich OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder. This extension will automatically make a PWA App for your OpenCart store without any need for coding.

The OpenCart Progressive Web App is a white-label solution(completely branded to your store) hence it ensures that your PWA app is unique only to your business. To bring the advantages of Progressive Web Apps for the OpenCart eCommerce community, Knowband has launched a new automated & feature-rich OpenCart PWA Mobile App Builder.

This extension will automatically make a PWA App for your OpenCart store without any need for coding. The OpenCart Progressive Web App is a white-label solution(completely branded to your store) hence it ensures that your PWA app is unique only to your business.

Using this PWA App for OpenCart, store owners can transform their mobile website into a Progressive Web App & serve their customers better & bag more profits. 
From sending push notifications to changing home-page layouts dynamically, launching & maintaining an eCommerce OpenCart PWA Mobile App makes every task easier for the store owners. Now, the OpenCart store owners can also easily transition to a Progressive Web App without breaking a sweat at a very affordable price.

Check Module:…mobile-app

Check Admin Demo:

Check Front End PWA App: (Copy and paste URL in mobile browser)

How OpenCart Progressive Web App Works? 


Once the store owners make their OpenCart PWA Mobile App active on their mobile website, whenever the customers will open the store URL on mobile browser, they will be shown an ‘Add-To-Home-Screen” popup. On clicking the same, the OpenCart PWA Mobile App will automatically get installed on their home-screen (smartphone/ tablets).

That’s it.  PWA Mobile App will look & work exactly like any other mobile app on the mobile device.

Steps To Launch An OpenCart PWA Mobile App:

1. Purchase the OpenCart PWA Builder extension…mobile-app

2. Fill the app pre-requisite form.

3. Review your OpenCart PWA App before making it live.

Key Features of OpenCart PWA Mobile App Extension:

1. Customizable Home-Page Layout: The OpenCart PWA Mobile App extension, by KnowBand, provides a dynamic home-page layout which store admins can customize as per their business needs. Its DIY home page editor, basically a user-friendly tool to design & save various home-page layouts (for festivals, sale, special offers). 

2. White Label PWA App: The OpenCart PWA Mobile App made using this extension will be entirely oriented to your OpenCart store. The name of the app, app icon, splash screen, font, background color & the products that you sell on your app, all will be unique as per your store only. 

3. Automatic Inventory Update: Your entire OpenCart website inventory will always be synchronized with your OpenCart PWA Mobile App and vice-versa. This also makes inventory management fully automatic. 

4. Multi-lingual & Multi-Currency Support: This OpenCart PWA Mobile App will support multiple languages including RTL scripts (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc). Also, all of the international currencies are also supported in the OpenCart PWA Mobile App. 

5. No Dependency On App Stores: Store Owners won't have to publish their Progressive Web App on any of the app stores (Google Play and Apple App store). From your mobile website, the OpenCart PWA can be simply added to the Home-Screen of users’ devices.

Also, PWA Mobile Apps are multi-device & multi-OS compatible i.e. a single PWA app works on every mobile device of every operating system (both Android and iOS). 

6. Lightweight PWA App: Progressive Web Apps are generally very lightweight when compared with native mobile apps. This allows the OpenCart PWA App to have a faster load-time and to consume less space on users’ devices.

This naturally reduces the chances of app crashes.

7. Unlimited Push Notifications: The store admin can send an unlimited number of push notifications with the help of this OpenCart PWA Mobile App. Common notifications like ‘Order success’, ‘order status update’&‘abandoned cart can also be easily scheduled using this extension.

Use push notifications strategically to retain & engage customers by highlighting the active deals & upcoming offers on your store. 

8. Quick Login Options: The PWA App for OpenCart offers Google & Facebook login options using which app users can quickly on-board the app. Along with that, the regular E-mail sign-up is also present. 

9. Offline Accessibility: The OpenCart Progressive Web App works flawlessly in offline mode. Because of data caching, it is possible to run these apps even under slow or no internet connectivity.

Although in offline mode, only the previously loaded data can be accessed. 

10. All Payment & Shipping Method Support: All of the payment and shipping methods working on your OpenCart website work flawlessly on the OpenCart PWA Mobile App as well. 

11. Coupons/Vouchers Support: With the use of coupons and vouchers app, online shoppers can enjoy all the benefits of coupons/vouchers available on your OpenCart store. Users can use the same coupons on mobile app & avail the offer.

12. One Page Checkout: The OpenCart PWA Mobile App made using this extension offers a one-page checkout to its app users for an uninterrupted shopping experience. On its single page checkout, app users can select their delivery address by just one click & go through the entire order summary on the same page before making successful payments. 

13. Order Tracking: The OpenCart PWA Mobile App allows the app users to track their active orders in the app & also receive order status push notifications as soon as any change in order status occurs.

14. CMS Pages Management: The PWA mobile app for OpenCart also allows the store admins to selectively choose the CMS pages, available on the website, to be displayed on the OpenCart PWA App as well. For instance, Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us, etc.

are CMS pages. 


The OpenCart PWA Mobile App extension is an all-rounder solution to give an instant boost to your online presence on mobile devices. PWA Mobile apps naturally provide better user retention & engagement when compared to mobile websites.

Get your OpenCart PWA Mobile App now, stay with the market trends & see your PWA App help you rise.

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