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Apps to enhance your multi-lingual skills


Its always an advantage if you know more than one language but learning a new language is a quite difficult task.

Even if you master the vocab, Grammer, and Alphabets, its hard when you communicate with the people who are native of that language because the phrases, gestures and tone cant be mastered by a book, it needs a lot of conversation to be done in the language you are trying to speak. Mobile app developers have managed to come up with innovative features in their application to help the user grasp the new language in a fun way and that too quickly. Let us check out some interesting language applications.

Rosetta Stone
Rosetta stone is an application which is deployed on the basis of the method used by the company for educating their students which they have been using for years. For a trusted language learning one should go for this application which has the variety of fun categories to keep you occupied. Although this application is free to get more insides one has to upgrade to the updated version which varies according to the features installed in it.


As the name suggests the application involves the quizzes for testing the ability of the learning made using the information that application is providing. The application uses flashcard method to let the users memorize what they intend to learn and then compete with other users to see if they are good enough and can be implemented what they have grasped. Even if you have learned a language long time ago, you can download this and get hold of the language again.

So if you are solely learning a new language to travel a country this is a perfect application for you although it is not that popular it has multiple phrases for all type of people you deal with in a day. For example, if you want to express love in some other language, ask a doctor for his advice on medication, cry for help in the emergency etc.

This application is designed by the Android app developers based on the subscription-based model of an application. You can download it for free but the use of some features comes with a subscription of $8.99 per month and $59.99 per year. Reasons to download this application is that it lets you learn a new language in a unique gaming style and has around 1000 videos of the native people.

This language learning application also has an ad of its own because of its unique feature of offering a conversational approach to learn a particular language and the application has 10-15 minutes lessons for both beginners and advanced learners.It can be downloaded free from the google store but comes with a subscription of $12.99 per month and $83.40 per year.

This application is recommended for hardcore literature learners who wish to complete the entire course be ahead of the class. The entire semester of a particular language is covered in 22.5 hours in this application and it focuses on 150 most important topics and 3000 commonly used words in that language.

Now the above mentioned doesn't have an app called Google translator because the application is great to use in emergency and is there in your phone anyway but if you are really looking forward to some series learning then mobile app development companies won't disappoint you and above are the Android apps one can use to be fluent in a language other his/her mother tongue. Another add-on to your preparation for learning a new language can be watching movies in that language which helps a lot to boost your confidence and get hold of the accent.

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