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Tips for successful gamification in corporate eLearning

Gamification has proven to be a good fit for corporate elearning. Follow these tips to gamify elearning courses successfully.

If you think games are only for kids, Think Again! Today majority of the companies are using elements of games in eLearning program. Gamification is an effective strategy applied to engage the employees in the traditional training programs.

Gamification is a power-packed tool that helps in building interest, motivate the employees to perform better and educate them with newest skills. The traditional method of training has been recently found boring, disengaging, and demotivating.

Gamification strategy is the newest method to incorporate better skills, onboarding, professionalism and positive behavior change among the employees.



Gamification techniques usually used in online training

  • Challenging and mapping to learn the objectives
  • Levels of learning
  • Instant feedback to progress
  • Points, scoreboards and leadership boards to evaluate the skills
  • Competition among the employees to derive better performance
  • Collaboration with multiple and team gameplay

Below are the tips to follow to incorporate successful Gamification in Corporate learning

  • Align Gamification strategy with measurable goals

Game mechanics are aligned with the company to motivate the employees. However, measurable goals give them a purpose to perform.

Thus, Gamification is successful in workplace eLearning only when it is associated with some objectives. This scenario guides the employees to perform better and use their skills to achieve the goals.

Additionally rewarding in Gamification on attaining a particular goal is also a good idea to retain enthusiasm.

  • Give a head start to motivated workers

Business organizations must always try to retain enthusiasm among the employees. It not only motivates them to perform better but also inspires others to join the league.

Companies must reward the employees who are ready to take up eLearning. It is important to give them a head start by rewarding bonuses, badges, incentives, or gift vouchers.

This inspires the late starters and new joiners to perform better in the future and take up employee training.

  • Determine the worthy employees

It is important to reward the employees according to the Gamification criteria. Determination of the rewards also depends on the effort given by the employee.

The incentive and rewarding process must be transparent to all the employees so that they motivate to achieve the goals.

For example, once an employee achieves a target, he gets 5 points on his leaderboard. Divide the board into different levels so that as soon as the level is accomplished, one big reward awaits the employee.

Determining the worthy employees becomes easy through this process.

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  • Rewards must be pleasing

The rewards given to the employees on the accomplishment of a target must be pleasing enough to keep them motivated. What better reward can it be than a promotion? Well, not all employees can be promoted at the same time, but the rewards can be appealing enough.

Companies can give away colorful badges, points, performance bonuses, gift vouchers etc. alternatively, the employees are given liberty to customize their own rewards as well.

  • Rely on intrinsic motivating rewards

Usually, some organizations give away gift cards and bonuses to motivate the employees. We cannot say that it is a bad idea, but it distracts the objective of elearning.

Employees shift their full focus on achieving the goodies and an extrinsic reward that destroys the main objective as well as it does not work as a motivation to perform well. The work practices and corporate eLearning solutions Make an Inquiry about this newsare given thorough training program must be encouraged through intrinsic rewards such as leadership levels.

You can merge extrinsic rewards at a certain level that will equally motivate the employees. The employees must understand that the training they get at work is more worthy than a bar of gold.

  • Do not overcomplicate the game

The Gamification strategy must be simple and designed in such a way that they can be easily reciprocated. The leadership levels and the rewarding process must be transparent and clear with all the employees.

The principle of Gamification is to grab employee’s attention and engage them in the training process. An entrepreneur must make it specific about the pointing system as well.

Avoid complex rules, difficult guidelines, and hazardous training to ensure the wellbeing of the employees.

  • Create emotional connect

Human is social animals and gives their best when they connect emotionally. Use the stories of the learners or create your own.

Once you engage the learners emotionally, your battle is half won. Update them on how learning is important to enhance productivity.

Tell them how they can get better salary hikes and promotions through learning. Tell them about your own journey in the company and engage them to take up learning.

Make Gamification relatable, emotional, and personal for the employees.

Why should you adopt Gamification strategy for corporate eLearning?

Recognition and rewards are the top two things that motivate the employees. Logically defining, the collaboration of Gamification in eLearning gives both these two elements to the employees.

Gamification has a significant impact on the following abilities-

  • Innovation
  • Employee performance
  • Globalization and understanding the need for higher education
  • Customer engagement platform
  • Personal development
  • Employee skills

Additionally below are the impacts of Gamification on the online learning

  • Learners get motivated to take up learning
  • They are more responsive to the work environment
  • Gamification provides significance to the learner's interest
  • It ensures knowledge retention and upgrading the skills
  • The employees are motivated to meet company’s expectations
  • They better understand the indication of the organization and work accordingly


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Conclusion – A Final Word

Gamification for a corporate eLearning solution must be developed, designed, and customized according to the company’s measurable goals. The game based learning is a significant plan changer in a company’s development.

The designs must be educationally based and developed as per international standards. This not only motivates the employees to perform better but also opens scope for potential candidates to join the workplace.

Gamification relies on the employee's enthusiasm to accept and learn. The game based strategy is a means to inspire the employees and help them in achieving their potential goals.

Intrinsic and extrinsic rewards are important in motivating the employees.

However, not all the rewards are extrinsic or gift based. Gift cards change the objectives of the employees and make them disengaged toward company's goal.

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