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How to develop an eLearning App Solution? What is the time & cost involved in its development

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Did you know that increases the retention rate to around 25-30% while the retention rate of face-to-face training is 8-10% which is very low?

The reason behind the growing popularity of solutions are several such as the ease of learning, convenience, flexibility, and anytime, anywhere access to the online courses.

Learning comprises a great proportion of our life and that’s the reason every developed nation consider education as the most crucial step towards success. According to Imod Education, 50% of the total learning by 2019 is going to be online.

Many organizations, colleges, and institutions have now introduced courses to offer convenience and flexibility to their employees or students.

The major advantage of material is that the learners can go through the material anytime, anywhere from any device be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Organizations, on the other hand, saves a lot of their time, effort, and money as they do not have to organize seminars and hire trainers.

If you too are planning to design an solution to improve the productivity and efficiency of your organization, it is best to hire a team of developers or a dedicated app development company. They assist you from start to finish of project with all the necessary suggestions and inputs.

However, before you get into the details od app development process, you need to know what all you need to integrate to make it a perfect solution for your business.

Choosing the Right Type of Platform

Choosing the right type of platform is not just important but is also necessary. The reason being you get a variety of solutions such as for competitive exams, professional courses, and educational gaming solutions, therefore, to ensure that you opt the best one as per your business requirements and budget, discuss every detail with the development team.

Here are four types of e-learning portals that work best with every organization.

  1. Traditional Learning Management System

Traditional LMS is a solution that provides all the basic functionalities required to develop and host courses. Features that are provided in this type of learning system are reporting, grading, and learner progress tracking.

  1. Open Source Learning Management System

Open-source LMS provides all the basic functionality that can further be customized as per the business’ requirements. Open source LMS is free of cost and is configured, customized, and hosted by the community of vendors.

Some examples are Sakai and Moodle.

  1. Custom Built Learning Platform

Custom-built LMS are the platforms that are fully-customized as per the client requirements. The technology used and features integrated have to be decided from scratch.

Although this solution needs time and money to develop, the best thing is that you exactly get what you want.

  1. Modern Learning Management Solutions

Modern learning solutions focus on delivering the best learners’ experience by providing specific pedagogies. These type of solutions are preferred more over the traditional method of .

  1. Learning Management Ecosystems

This type of model allows businesses to look forth the best-in-breed solution, feature or a point of multiple learning management systems and knit them together into one platform.

How to Develop an All-inclusive E-learning Portal?

Developing an all-inclusive e-Learning portal requires a perfect plan and strategy. You need to know your target audience well and about the features, you’re going to include.

Choosing the right type of solution can help you resolve various things. Further, you can customize the solution as per your requirements.

If you are planning to develop a fully-customized app solution, you need to hire expert

E-Learning developers who can assist you through the entire app development process and make you understand which type of features you need to integrate to make a successful app.

Features to Include in your Online Learning Solution

  • The Log-in via social media or User-Registration
  • The Dashboard or User Profile
  • Addition of Valuable Content
  • A Robust Database
  • Interactive Live Video Sessions with Teachers
  • Browsing through numerous courses,
  • Enrollment for the desired course and
  • Notifications on upcoming classes
  • Effective communication between mentors and students
  • Reporting on activities
  • Valuable certifications for successful candidates
  • A flawless efficient methodology to efficiently manage users and courses
  • Provide Mock Test and Practice Sessions
  • Push Notification
  • App Rating and Feedback
  • Add the Search Option
  • Access Information Offline as Well

Time and Cost Required to Build a Customized e-Learning Solution

  1. web app solution where multiple courses can be selected and video tutorials can be taken with final certification would cost around $20,000. The time required to build such an solution requires approximately 3 months of time duration.
  2. web app solutions that are focussed on a single theme with online examination possibility and provide AI-based assessment feature would cost you around $25,000. The time required to build such an solution requires approximately 4 months of time duration.
  3. The development of solutions that are based on tuitionary model best for students and teacher would cost around $15,000 and need 2 months for their development — this solution includes features like reviews, rating, and booking.
  4. An solution based on ERP model meant for schools and student management with all the features that are necessary would cost around $70,000 and the time required for its development is 12 months.
  5. The development of solutions that offer lead generation form integration capabilities would cost around $10000. These can be developed within a time period of 2 months.

The Bottom Line

A dedicated app development company comes up with readymade solutions as well as customized learning solutions. However, it is up to you which one you would like to choose on the basis of your business requirements.

Moreover, it is advisable to create a checklist of all the features that you would want to integrate into your app solution and discuss the requirements with the outsourcing company to avoid any hassles during the deployment. Now that you know much about developing an solution, start developing one with all the necessary integrations.

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