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Teacher-Student Ratio and other old-school educational KPIs are made obsolete by PIE

No longer is education measured by KPI ratios such as student-teacher ratio, attendance rate, or testing results. Praadis Institute of Education has created PIE, an interactive and engaging learning platform that promotes educational mastery through experiential learning and gameplay.

Traditional education uses several metrics to measure personal attention given to students in the classroom setting. These are usually geared towards measuring individual and institutional performance.

The major KPIs dealing with actual learning are teacher engagement, teacher evaluations, teacher-student ratios, and classroom processes.

These KPIs individually deal with how effectively teachers are performing and how effectively students are learning.Ultimately, the level of student retention depends on student engagement and teacher guidance. 

There are certain aspects of learning which are totally ignored though, like measuring intrinsic student motivation or measuring the effective of gamified learning material versus the traditional teacher lecture method. 

This is how PIE is creating a new standard that blows past traditional education and all prevailing e-learning and m-learning platforms.  The quality of learning material coupled with the effectiveness of the content is creating motivated learning that results in high retention. 

The traditional use of KPIs to determine teacher effectiveness is rendered obsolete by the mere existence of a learning module such as PIE. 

Praadis Institute of Education has three key features that in effect have created a perfect teaching-learning cycle.  The learning content such as 3D videos, Watch the Story, Live Videos is highly engaging and interactive. 

The Capability-Adaptive testing feature provides instant feedback and also suggests areas needing further attention.  The AI Assistants Zen & Zeena, Chat Ttexto, and Praadis Connect Social Media platform are features that create opportunities for student to discuss their individual difficulties. 

This is exactly how the learning cycle works and it is available to you on your mobile device.  There’s is no need for any hi-fi school or administration fees or PTMs, just register online at Make an Inquiry about this news and begin the journey to Academic Achievement with PIE. 

The results are in: PIE is the revolution in education that everyone has been waiting for.

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