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LearnBop Honored as Return On Education Innovation Awards Finalist

Award-Winning Intelligent Tutoring System Improves Learning Outcomes and Teacher Effectiveness

LearnBop, an award-winning adaptive learning company, is a finalist in the 2nd Annual Return On Education (ROE) Innovation Awards, presented by Arizona State University (ASU), the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation and GSV Advisors. The company was selected from more than 350 nominations for this prestigious honor, recognizing organizations that demonstrate a high return on education. LearnBop is recognized in the STEM category.

The finalists will be voted on by the more than 1,500 investors, entrepreneurs and leaders from education, business, government and philanthropy that are in Scottsdale this week for the Fifth Annual ASU+GSV Education Innovation Summit. The ASU+GSV Summit is unique in that it doesn’t focus solely on education policy or technology, but brings key stakeholders from across the spectrum together in one place to collaborate and drive change, and serves as a launch pad for new ideas and ventures. Each Summit registrant will be able to vote for the winner in each of the categories, as well as for an overall ROE winner, through the Summit mobile app.

LearnBop, an automated tutoring system for mathematics that serves more than 7,000 students, increases learning while decreasing the effort required to learn. When students make mistakes, the system asks them questions as a human tutor would, breaking down barriers to understanding and nudging them to think and solve the problem as an expert. Students experience significant ROE as they learn to think like experts with every click of the mouse. In addition, online delivery makes LearnBop an economic solution.

“LearnBop’s intelligent tutoring system provides students with an interactive learning experience by asking student questions just as a tutor would, which helps break down barriers to learning new material. Every student has access to expert thinking, teaching and high quality resources,” said CEO and Founder Bharanidharan Rajakumar. “It is an honor to have LearnBop receive this prestigious recognition for its return on education innovation.”

Finalists were chosen based on demonstrating a high ROE as measured by the ability to deliver one or more of the following outcomes:

  • Significantly increase access to education;
  • Greatly reduce the cost for learners and/or learning institutions;
  • Dramatically improve learning outcomes;
  • Provide substantial leverage to learning leaders (teachers, professors); and/or
  • Make a sustainable and scaled impact.

Winners will be announced at the ROE Awards dinner at the Summit on Wednesday, April 23.

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About LearnBop (
LearnBop is an award-winning adaptive learning company that originated out of Carnegie Mellon University and is now based in New York City. The LearnBop platform collects data to create feedback loops for continuous improvement of student performance, teacher effectiveness, and even the efficacy of the content within the system itself. Data are organized into intuitive dashboards that provide teachers with a dynamic view of class performance down to each individual student. This means teachers can provide both individualized instruction, as well as better-informed group instruction based on the unique learning contours and performance of their own classroom. Its easy-to-use authoring system enables educators to create adaptive learning experiences for students in any STEM-related subject at the K12 or higher ed level.

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